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Nowa­days when the bot­tom line is more im­por­tant than ever be­fore, busi­nesses are in­creas­ingly look­ing at ways to save money or at least get as much bang for their buck as they can.

A sur­pris­ingly easy way to do this is to sim­ply in­ves­ti­gate your com­pany’s light­ing re­quire­ments. You could very well be shocked at just how much your ex­ist­ing light­ing is cost­ing you. New tech­nol­ogy in light­ing, such as LED, makes a huge dif­fer­ence in cost-ef­fi­ciency and com­pany’s such as Pow­erSave reckon a typ­i­cal industrial build­ing with 100 high­bay lights run­ning 24/7 will save $40,200 per year us­ing ei­ther LED or CFL. This, it says, also means a retro fit to new tech­nol­ogy will be re­cov­ered in around seven months for CFL or from 14 to 18 months for LED based on fi­nal price and type of fit­ting.

One of Pow­erSave’s new­est prod­ucts is the LED Self Bal­lasted Corn Light, an ef­fi­cient al­ter­na­tive to tra­di­tional CFL self-bal­lasted light fit­tings. Avail­able from 30 W to 120 W in nat­u­ral, warm and cool white, the uni­for­mity of the light out­put is ex­cep­tional, says Pow­erSave, de­liv­er­ing a 360° wide beam an­gle. The Corn Light is very ef­fi­cient pro­duc­ing 100/110 lu­mens per watt and has a high power fac­tor of 0.96. LEDs con­vert 90 per­cent of elec­tri­cal en­ergy into vis­i­ble light re­sult­ing in high lu­mi­nous ef­fi­ciency with low work­ing power.

Emit­ting no ul­tra vi­o­let or infrared, the healthy light from this Epis­tar LED also pro­vides good colour ren­der­ing. The Corn Light has a smart heat dis­pen­sa­tion struc­ture and con­tains a small fan within the unit to dis­si­pate heat and im­prove safety. Rated life ex­ceeds 35,000 hours, which is well be­yond tra­di­tional CFL re­place­ments, which makes it a real moneysaver, says Pow­erSave. This new light source is also less break­able than a CFL or in­can­des­cent lamp as it con­tains a light-elim­i­nat­ing semi­con­duc­tor chip not a fil­a­ment or glass bulb. The LED Corn Light has a wide range of ap­pli­ca­tions suit­able for both in­door and out­door in­stal­la­tion. With an in­te­grated com­pact de­sign, the LED is light-weight, easy-to-in­stall and can be re­cess mounted. The LED meets CE, ROHS, TUV and ETL elec­tri­cal com­pli­ance. The day­light colour of Pow­erSave lights is com­fort­able for staff and has great clar­ity, high colour ren­di­tion and lower tem­per­a­ture. As a night­time se­cu­rity mea­sure, this great clar­ity makes for sharp CCTV footage. Fea­tures: • Min­i­mum 35,000 hour life. • Colour tem­per­a­ture: 2800 K, 4000 K or 6100 K. • Lu­men out­put: 100 l/w. • 0.2 sec­onds start-up time. • CRI >72. • AC 85-265 V. • - 25° C to 55° C work­ing tem­per­a­ture MAX 80° C ). • 0.96 power fac­tor. • Epis­tar LED. • Avail­able in E27 or E40 base. • Two-year war­ranty.

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