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This patented de­vice al­lows the field ser­vice tech­ni­cian work­ing mo­bile ma­chin­ery that has plan­e­tary drives to cor­rectly po­si­tion th­ese where they are re­quired – fill­ing, drain­ing, oil sampling or level check­ing. The de­vice al­lows the tech­ni­cian to do this job quickly and safely with less climb­ing in/out of cabs, which in bad weather can lead to slips and ac­ci­dents.

It is not a com­pli­cated set up. There are no plugs or hoses; just at­tach a DPI unit by its mag­netic base onto the wheel hub cen­tre and point to the func­tion re­quired and it is ready to work. The ar­rows on the dial show you what­ever ser­vice func­tion is needed.

When the ma­chine is moved back­wards or for­wards and it comes to the cor­rect se­lected po­si­tion, a green light comes on the cab mas­ter con­trol, show­ing that the plug is in the cor­rect lo­ca­tion for that ser­vice.

The ba­sic DK2AF kit con­sists of a cab mas­ter con­trol plus two DPI units com­plete in its carry case. Other kit op­tions are avail­able.

The de­vice saves time and money, which can be up to 15 min­utes per ser­vice.

As a fur­ther ex­am­ple, six wheels can be done in a sin­gle op­er­a­tion with a DPI unit on each wheel and the mas­ter con­trol unit in the cab. This will show when all wheels are cor­rectly lo­cated for the ser­vice re­quired. Each wheel that is fit­ted with a DPI will light up its po­si­tion on the mas­ter con­trol unit when it is in po­si­tion. This is the DK6AF kit, ad­di­tional in­di­vid­ual DPI sen­sors can also be sup­plied.

The com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween DPI units is done by ap­proved wire­less tech­nol­ogy and for mul­ti­ple ma­chine ap­pli­ca­tions var­i­ous fre­quen­cies are avail­able, so that more than one ma­chine at a time can be ser­viced in the same area.

Field ser­vic­ing, us­ing the Check­fluid DPI tech­nol­ogy, can be car­ried out on gra­di­ents with­out any prob­lems, lead­ing to fur­ther time sav­ings.

If oil sampling of the drives is re­quired, Check­fluid can pro­vide a spe­cial em­bed­ded plug for fi­nal drives that can be di­rectly in­stalled, which en­ables a sam­ple to be sim­ply taken us­ing a vac­uum pump and with­out hav­ing to ex­pose the lu­bri­cant to ex­ter­nal con­tam­i­na­tion, thereby en­sur­ing 100 per­cent ac­cu­rate lu­bri­cant data ob­tained.

In to­day’s com­pet­i­tive en­vi­ron­ment it has never been more im­por­tant to main­tain sys­tems in­tegrity and equip­ment life. The Check­fluid DPI sys­tem gives you the means to do it.

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