Ad­justable charge for all Pro­jecta ‘In­telli-Charge’ bat­tery charg­ers

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Pro­jecta has made its range of ‘In­telli-Charge’ bat­tery charg­ers even more in­tel­li­gent and much more prac­ti­cal.

All mod­els in the ‘In­telli-Charge’ bat­tery charger range now on sale in New Zealand of­fer an ad­justable charge rate, in­clud­ing the smaller 7Amp, 10Amp and 15Amp ver­sions, in­creas­ing their suit­abil­ity for use by home, marine, trans­port and com­mer­cial cus­tomers, as well as work­shop pro­fes­sion­als.

Un­til now, a vari­able charge rate was only avail­able in the larger 25Amp, 35Amp and 50Amp mod­els, how­ever Pro­jecta en­gi­neers have suc­cess­fully in­tro­duced the in­no­va­tion to the more com­pact In­telli-Charge vari­ants.

The en­hance­ment en­ables them to pro­duce a charge rate from as low as 1Amp, de­liv­er­ing op­ti­mum and safe charg­ing for all lead acid bat­ter­ies, while con­tin­u­ing to of­fer world­class, seven-stage tech­nol­ogy and multi-chem­istry charg­ing.

En­gi­neered and de­signed for use on all types of bat­ter­ies, in­clud­ing Gel, AGM, Wet and Cal­cium, th­ese charg­ers pro­vide an op­por­tu­nity to have just one charger to meet all needs, rang­ing from cars, mo­tor­bikes, trucks and con­tract­ing equip­ment to ride-on mow­ers, jet skis, boats, etc. By se­lect­ing the bat­tery chem­istry type, Pro­jecta’s In­tel­liCharge range ad­justs the charge to pre­cisely match the bat­tery, ex­tend­ing bat­tery life and per­for­mance.

In­tel­li­gent elec­tron­ics mon­i­tor­ing, cou­pled with a chem­istry-spe­cific charge process, de­liv­ers a spe­cific charge that is pre­cisely matched to the bat­tery type, guar­an­tee­ing no greater charge than is re­quired and pre­vent­ing pos­si­ble dam­age.

In­telli-Charg­ers are fully au­to­matic and de­liver a com­pre­hen­sive and ac­cu­rate charg­ing tech­nique known as seven-stage charg­ing, es­pe­cially en­gi­neered for op­ti­mum per­for­mance on all types of bat­ter­ies.

The first two stages, ‘De­sul­pha­tion’ and ‘Soft Start’ pre­pare the bat­tery for charg­ing. ‘Bulk’ then de­liv­ers a fast charge fol­lowed by ‘Ab­sorp­tion’, which en­sures the bat­tery is fully charged.

The ‘Anal­y­sis’ mode is de­signed to en­sure the bat­tery is fully charged. If the bat­tery fails the ‘Anal­y­sis’ stage the charger will begin to ‘Re­con­di­tion’ the bat­tery, testing af­ter each stage up to three times. Once past the ‘Anal­y­sis’ stage, the bat­tery is main­tained, ready for use.

The In­telli-Charge range be­gins with the IC700 (12Volt 7Amp) model fea­tur­ing ad­justable charge rates of 1Amp, 2Amp, 4Amp, and 7Amp. The IC700W work­shop model in­cor­po­rates all the fea­tures and benefits of the IC700, along with pro­jec­tive hard rub­ber unit end caps to help en­dure the rigours of work­shop life.

Users re­quir­ing a faster charge rate can opt for the IC1000 (12Volt 10Amp), which pro­vides ad­justable charge rates of 2Amp, 4Amp, 6Amp and 10Amp.

Fur­ther up the range is the IC1500 (12Volt 15Amp), which of­fers higher ad­justable charge rates of 2Amp, 4Amp, 8Amp and 15A, to­gether with a re­mote con­trol socket that al­lows the op­er­a­tor to po­si­tion the charger out of sight, yet re­tain to­tal con­trol of the unit. The In­telli-Charge re­mote con­trol unit (Part num­ber: ICREMOTE) is avail­able separately at ad­di­tional cost.

All Pro­jecta In­telli-Charge bat­tery charg­ers come with a peace-of-mind two-year war­ranty and are avail­able at lead­ing au­to­mo­tive and marine out­lets through­out New Zealand.­quiry #150605.

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