10 rea­sons pa­per-based 3D print­ing is bet­ter

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3D prin­ters use a wide range of ma­te­ri­als, in­clud­ing plas­tics, plas­ter pow­der, pho­topoly­mers, ny­lon, metal and even food to pro­duce phys­i­cal 3D mod­els and pro­to­types. But there’s an­other im­por­tant 3D printer ma­te­rial to con­sider – pa­per. This isn’t origami or papier-mâché. This is ad­vanced SDL (Se­lec­tive De­po­si­tion Lam­i­na­tion) ad­di­tive man­u­fac­tur­ing tech­nol­ogy that uses pa­per to build com­plex, durable phys­i­cal 3D mod­els layer by layer.

Mcor Tech­nolo­gies has a free white pa­per to down­load show­ing the ad­van­tages pa­per has over other 3D printer ma­te­ri­als, the im­por­tance of mul­ti­ple 3D print­ing tech­nolo­gies in your tool­box and ap­pli­ca­tions and en­vi­ron­ments best suited for pa­per-based 3D prin­ters.

Pa­per of­fers sev­eral dis­tinct ad­van­tages over other ma­te­ri­als used by 3D prin­ters. In this white pa­per, Mcor says you’ll learn the benefits of us­ing pa­per as the build ma­te­rial in SDL 3D prin­ters to pro­duce 3D printed mod­els. Down­load the white pa­per from mcortech­nolo­gies.com

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