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Seco de­vel­oped its new thread chaser in­sert holder to bring high lev­els of pre­ci­sion and rigid­ity to thread­ing oper­a­tions that in­volve tough ma­te­ri­als in­clud­ing the hard, gummy or high-chrome con­tent ones used in the oil and gas in­dus­try. Such achieve­ment is pos­si­ble via a spe­cial car­bide-pin lo­cat­ing sys­tem com­bined with a patented pocket seat sur­face pat­tern and high-pres­sure coolant ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

Work­ing in uni­son with top and ax­ial clamps, the holder’s lo­cat­ing sys­tem uses two hor­i­zon­tally ori­ented pins that rest at spe­cific dis­tances from the bot­tom of the in­sert pocket. The ex­act points on the in­sert where these pins make con­tact are the same points that Seco works with when grind­ing the in­sert’s thread­ing pro­file.

The two-pin sys­tem en­sures ex­tremely pre­cise in­sert po­si­tion­ing from in­sert to in­sert as well as plays a key role in the holder’s in­creased rigid­ity and in­sert sup­port. As a re­sult, the holder helps re­duce the num­ber of thread­ing passes re­quired to pro­duce a full thread pro­file.

The holder’s pocket seat sur­face pat­tern fea­tures milled scal­lops that pro­vide even more chaser in­sert sup­port. When the in­sert is mounted in the pocket, the clamp­ing force acts on the scal­lop pat­tern and work hard­ens the seat sur­face to a hard­ness of 54HRc.

Seco also equipped the holder with high-pres­sure coolant di­rected at key cut­ting ar­eas of the in­sert. Coolant en­ters the holder from the back end, trav­els through the in­sert cav­ity di­rectly to the in­sert’s chip­former and into the chan­nels be­tween each tooth. With a max­i­mum out­put of 210 bar, the holder de­liv­ers the in­dus­try’s high­est coolant pres­sures for thread chas­ing oper­a­tions.

The new thread chaser holder comes in two ver­sions, P1 for 15.875 mm thick (.625”) in­serts and P5 for 25 mm thick (.984”) in­serts. Chip­former sizes come in 3.97 mm (.156”) and 3.18 mm (.124”).­quiry #150733.

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