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By be­ing able to at­tach a lance to the RB65 ½” BSP out­let wash­down gun, users can tar­get high power spray-jets to places that are dif­fi­cult to reach us­ing tra­di­tional spray guns.

Tecpro Aus­tralia’s latest wash­down gun, the RB65 with ½” BSP out­let, fea­tures a fe­male pipe fit­ting in­stead of the usual spray open­ing. The threaded out­let en­ables stain­less steel lances of vary­ing lengths to be fit­ted to the front of the gun.

“The abil­ity to fit a lance to the spray gun makes it unique,” said Pa­trick Cooper, a tech­ni­cal con­sul­tant with Tecpro Aus­tralia. “If you need to spray clean an area that’s hard to get close to, the lance projects the wa­ter to where it’s needed.”

A flat fan or cir­cu­lar pat­tern noz­zle is fit­ted to the front of the lance. This en­ables the op­er­a­tor to se­lect a noz­zle that gives the spray width and flow rate that best suits their re­quire­ments.

Mr Cooper said ap­pli­ca­tions would in­clude clean­ing out deep bins, or reach­ing awk­ward and hard to ac­cess spa­ces, par­tic­u­larly where ma­chin­ery or con­vey­ors may be in use. Be­cause it fo­cuses the spray jet, it can also be more ef­fec­tive in clean­ing sur­faces that need a more ag­gres­sive clean.

“A client of ours is re­spon­si­ble for OH&S at a cop­per mine,” said Mr Cooper. “They were find­ing that a fine layer of cop­per ore would build up around the con­veyor trans­fer points, and be­cause the ore is quite heavy, tra­di­tional spray guns were not dis­lodg­ing it. Since us­ing the RB 65 with ½” BSP out­let with a lance at­tach­ment, they’ve been able to tar­get the fluid pro­jec­tion more ef­fec­tively, and this has en­abled them to clean away the cop­per ore build-up.”

The RB 65 with ½” BSP out­let has nu­mer­ous fea­tures that make it very use­ful in a va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions. “It has a swivel in­let that makes it easy to twist to di­rect the flow where needed,” said Mr Cooper. “That makes it less tir­ing on users’ wrists, as the wash­down gun ro­tates easily in the hand.”

The RB 65 with ½” BSP out­let has a chromed brass body fully en­cased in plas­tic. It fea­tures an air gap be­tween the in­ner brass body and the outer plas­tic casing, pre­vent­ing the trans­fer of heat, even when work­ing with very hot wa­ter.

“It is rated to work with flu­ids up to a tem­per­a­ture of 90 de­grees Cel­sius,” said Mr Cooper. “Be­cause of its good heat in­su­la­tion prop­er­ties, it is very safe for staff to work with.”

Lances are con­structed in stain­less steel, and are avail­able in lengths of 400mm, 450mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1250mm, and in di­am­e­ters of 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. The quar­ter inch di­am­e­ter model has a moulded rub­ber grip to hold on to, and the half inch di­am­e­ter ver­sion has an ad­justable han­dle that slides along the length of the tube.­quiry #150830.

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