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It has been posited that a third of all jobs will no longer be in hu­man hands by the year 2025, re­placed by robots, soft­ware and smart ma­chines. This is al­ready hap­pen­ing in a star­tling way at the Shen­zhen Even win Pre­ci­sion Tech­nol­ogy, which is re­port­edly re­plac­ing 90 per­cent of its em­ploy­ees with ma­chines in the near fu­ture. That will trim 1,600 em­ploy­ees from the pay­roll, leav­ing 200 with the task of over­see­ing the new me­chan­i­cal work­force. Up to 1,500 more com­pa­nies in the same area – the fa­mously in­dus­trial Pearl River Delta – are ex­pected to be­gin re­plac­ing hu­mans with robots from next year. This might be the start of a Brave New World but the dis­pos­sessed might think oth­er­wise. China of­fi­cially en­joys a very low rate of un­em­ploy­ment – will the rise of the ro­bot be an eco­nomic boom or so­cial threat?

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