C.Scope Ca­ble and Pipe Lo­ca­tor

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Ca­ble strikes re­sult in costly dis­rup­tion to your job and in the worst cases in­jury and/ or death. The C.Scope Ca­ble and Pipe Lo­ca­tor is a full func­tion, in­dus­try stan­dard lo­ca­tor and can be used to trace ca­bles, pipes etc. which are con­duc­tive and con­tin­u­ous. The C.Scope has three modes of op­er­a­tion: Power mode – to de­tect ca­bles car­ry­ing AC Cur­rent, ca­bles must be un­der load (pulling some cur­rent) to gen­er­ate an elec­tro­mag­netic field; Ra­dio mode – to de­tect re-ra­di­ated ra­dio fre­quen­cies, ra­dio fre­quen­cies travel through the ground and fol­low the path of least re­sis­tance, such as wa­ter pipes, where they are con­cen­trated and re-ra­di­ated; and thirdly Gen­er­a­tor mode – traces con­duc­tors (pipes or ca­bles) car­ry­ing a 33kHz sig­nal. It is supplied as a com­plete kit en­abling all three modes of op­er­a­tion to be se­lected from, as ap­pro­pri­ate for your par­tic­u­lar re­quire­ment, and is avail­able to rent from TechRen­tals for as lit­tle as one day.

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