In­te­grated log­book func­tion­al­ity and im­proved op­er­a­tor ef­fi­ciency

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An elec­tronic data­base of op­er­a­tor log en­tries, can now be em­bed­ded in the DeltaV dis­trib­uted con­trol sys­tem in­ter­face to im­prove task man­age­ment and en­able more ef­fec­tive shift han­dovers with real-time vis­i­bil­ity to ac­tive en­tries. Users can ac­cess Log­books di­rectly from their DeltaV work­sta­tions to view shift-based dash­boards that high­light rel­e­vant log en­tries for the oper­a­tions team.

Task man­age­ment with Log­books helps op­er­a­tors re­spond more quickly to high pri­or­ity tasks. With event mon­i­tor­ing, log­book en­tries are au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ated from DeltaV events. These en­tries can then trig­ger ad­di­tional tasks in the sys­tem or f lag is­sues to raise at­ten­tion. The shift dash­board dis­plays task sta­tus and ex­ist­ing f lags to en­sure nec­es­sary work is not missed.

Op­er­a­tors can easily iden­tify their pri­or­ity tasks with Log­books with a cus­tomised dash­board for each user. Rel­e­vant log en­tries and as­signed tasks are dis­played and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties are clearly de­fined for the op­er­a­tor. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween op­er­a­tors and man­agers is stream­lined and op­er­a­tors can more ef­fec­tively plan and pri­or­i­tize work. The task-based ac­tions make work plan­ning, com­ment cap­ture, and re­port gen­er­a­tion easy.

“Emer­son is com­mit­ted to mak­ing the daily life of plant op­er­a­tors eas­ier,” said Clau­dio Fayad, di­rec­tor DeltaV plat­form man­age­ment, Emer­son Process Man­age­ment. “By in­te­grat­ing elec­tronic log­books in the con­trol sys­tem and au­tomat­ing cre­ation of log en­tries, we can help op­er­a­tors not only gain a knowl­edge base of events, but also im­prove event re­sponse.”­quiry #150908.

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