Seco Dou­ble Oc­tomil­lTM Cas­sette Cut­ter achieves near zero ax­ial runout

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The new cas­sette cut­ters use Seco´s ad­vanced pin-lo­cat­ing tech­nol­ogy and high-speed steel pins, to en­sure fast, easy and pre­cise in­sert po­si­tion­ing. Equally im­por­tant, cas­sette pock­ets are ad­justable to vir­tu­ally elim­i­nate ax­ial runout.

The Dou­ble Oc­tomill Cas­sette Cut­ter in­cor­po­rates Seco´s patented pocket de­sign and fea­tures cas­settes that are ad­justable in the Z-axis or ax­ial di­rec­tion. In­serts can be mounted and setup in cas­settes sep­a­rately be­fore they are as­sem­bled into the cut­ter body. Each in­di­vid­ual cas­sette can then be ad­justed so that all cas­settes are cut­ting on the same plane. This ex­act in­sert po­si­tion­ing al­lows for in­creased fee­drates while en­sur­ing the best pos­si­ble sur­face fin­ishes and the long­est tool life.

Cas­settes are com­bined with new close-pitch cut­ter bod­ies that ac­com­mo­date Seco´s cost-ef­fec­tive Dou­ble Oc­tomill in­serts. They are dou­ble-sided and pro­vide a to­tal of 16 cut­ting edges for both econ­omy and high per­for­mance. Presently, the Dou­ble Oc­tomill Cas­sette Cut­ters are avail­able from 125 mm to 315 mm stan­dard, and up to 500 mm as cus­tom. Be­cause the cas­settes are mod­u­lar and re­mov­able, they can be quickly and in­ex­pen­sively re­placed if dam­aged. Users can avoid the ex­pense of re­plac­ing an en­tire cut­ter.­quiry #150913.­quiry #150913a.

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