Ther­moIMAGER TIM M1 – the spe­cial­ist for hot met­als

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The ther­moIMAGER TIM M1 of­fered by Bestech Aus­tralia is par­tic­u­larly suit­able for hot me­tal tem­per­a­ture mea­sure­ment ap­pli­ca­tions. Com­pact, short-wave and highly dy­namic are the three key at­tributes that de­scribe this in­frared cam­era.

Bestech Aus­tralia dis­trib­utes ther­moIMAGER TIM M1 ther­mal imag­ing cam­era. It is the latest in­no­va­tion from man­u­fac­turer Mi­cro-Ep­silon. Nu­mer­ous ad­van­tages in­clude its com­pact de­sign, a USB in­ter­face and the li­cence-free TIMCon­nect soft­ware supplied as stan­dard. The cam­era’s unique­nesses com­prise a con­tin­u­ous tem­per­a­ture mea­sur­ing range of 450°C to 1,800°C, im­age fre­quency of up to 1k Hz and dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tion/ im­age fre­quency modes. Com­pared to other ther­mal imag­ing cam­eras in its class, the en­tire tem­per­a­ture mea­sur­ing range can be used with­out any sub-ranges. There­fore, in many ap­pli­ca­tions there is no need for any mea­sur­ing range switchovers and the cam­era is hence much more f lex­i­ble.

ther­moIMAGER TIM M1 is de­signed for mea­sure­ments on hot met­als, graphite or ce­ram­ics specif­i­cally. Ther­mal imag­ing cam­era M1 is pri­mar­ily used in the me­tal pro­cess­ing in­dus­try, e.g. for tem­per­a­ture mon­i­tor­ing of hard­en­ing and form­ing pro­cesses for hot met­als. The highly dy­namic CMOS de­tec­tor en­ables a max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion of 764 x 480 pix­els at an im­age fre­quency of 32Hz. The com­pact in­frared cam­era is switch­able to 72 x 56 pix­els at 1,000Hz for high speed pro­cesses and so can be used as a fast py­rom­e­ter. For more prod­uct de­tails and in­ter­ested in dis­cussing your spe­cific ap­pli­ca­tion, please con­tact Bestech Aus­tralia on 03 9540 5100!

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