What­ever hap­pened to the qual­ity?

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20 years ago I bought a pair of “Last Footwear” boots. These are still in my wardrobe, still com­fort­able, still in­tact with plenty of wear, even af­ter hun­dreds of kms. I can even stand in a pud­dle and my socks stay dry! If I wanted a new pair of shoes, I’d have no hes­i­ta­tion in buy­ing more Last Footwear shoes… but I can’t. In­stead I went into town, and saw a bar­gain, set of dress shoes at less than half price, only 30 bucks! Be­ing a sucker I bought them think­ing if they last a year that’s still good value. Six weeks later I got wet socks... and 10 weeks later they were binned. I’ve learnt to look for higher value…but noth­ing beats my old “Last Footwear” friends.

What hap­pened to this small and dy­namic NZ man­u­fac­turer? They closed. We have regularly wit­nessed many good qual­ity brands ei­ther dis­ap­pear or change. The cheap im­ports have pushed them out of busi­ness. Dad had Stan­ley tools in his shed, ex­cel­lent tools, han­dled all sorts of treat­ment. They’re still around to­day, but I’m not rush­ing to buy any. Stan­ley, faced with heavy com­pe­ti­tion from cheap im­ported tools, did the same. Prob­lem was they left the name Stan­ley on the cheaper tools. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve prob­a­bly got the good qual­ity ones still, but if the price is ridicu­lously cheap, then don’t bar­gain on hav­ing it in your tool­box next year.

Equiptec man­u­fac­tures value. Ver­sa­tile, ro­bust, er­gonomic, ev­ery­thing you want in a work plat­form, and you can be sure it’ll still be a re­li­able and pre­ferred part of your fleet in years to come. Equiptec prod­ucts aim at pro­fes­sional in­dus­try, and haven’t fallen for mak­ing the light­est flim­si­est plat­form to be cheaper than the next guy.

It’s nice to know one prod­uct is not chang­ing to suit the cheap­skates. The VRS and Equiptec prod­ucts are built to a spec, no com­pro­mise. In­dus­trial plat­forms for in­dus­trial use.

That’s Equiptecs Tagline, “A trusted plat­form to build on”, so if your plat­forms are in for re­pair, or re­place­ment again, take a look at a long term-re­li­able so­lu­tion. It’s a no brainer.

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