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There has been a few food prod­uct re­calls of late pub­lished i n media as well as the set­tling of a high pro­file food con­tam­i­na­tion case.

A re­cent re­port un­der­taken by i nternational f i rm PwC also l ists the top 10 food sup­ply and i ntegrity is­sues and near the top of the l ist is scan­dals and i ncreas­ing scru­tiny and ris­ing food stan­dards. With this i n mind EQM’s An­thony Blox­ham says it’s i mpor­tant to en­sure you have the high­est of qual­ity and per­form­ing food equip­ment and at the top of the l ist is stain­less steel.

“They don’t har­bour bac­te­ria, are more hard­wear­ing and can with­stand hu­mid­ity, mois­ture and cor­ro­sion. They re­ally l i f t the per­for­mance of the en­tire pro­duc­tion process,” he says.

EQM stocks the ABI range of stain­less steel gear mo­tors which are per­fect for the food pro­cess­ing sec­tor as they can with­stand high wa­ter pres­sure (1400PSI) and i ncred­i­bly hot wa­ter (max­i­mum 80°C).

“This is i mpor­tant when it comes to food hy­giene and the ster­il­i­sa­tion of equip­ment as they can tol­er­ate ex­treme changes i n hu­mid­ity and tem­per­a­ture.”

Stain­less Steel gear boxes have been the per­fect so­lu­tion to stop­ping an on­go­ing cor­ro­sion is­sue with a meat plant’s gear­boxes. Con­stant cleans and wash downs led to the plant hav­ing to regularly re­place gear boxes to keep op­er­at­ing and meet hy­giene stan­dards.

Not only did the stain­less steel gear­box pro­vide the best so­lu­tion to pre­vent cor­ro­sion but as it has a uni­ver­sal mount – it was able to f it per­fectly i nto the same place as the i nfe­rior ex­ist­ing gear box.

A chicken pro­cess­ing plant is pluck­ing more chick­ens with­out wor­ry­ing about pro­duc­tion down­time from break­downs to mo­tors and gear­boxes since in­stalling the EQMi stain­less steel mo­tors. The mo­tor casing is smooth, can be easily cleaned and with ex­tra spe­cial seals it re­sists the risk of wa­ter pen­e­trat­ing into the mo­tor.

For the top ten food sup­ply and safety is­sues click here: ndus­tries/food-sup­ply-andi ntegrity/publi­ca­tions-and-i nsights/ top-10-food-sup­ply-and-i ntegri­tyis­sues/

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