Our work­shop re­pair, over­haul and rewind­ing ser­vices in­clude:

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing - - MOTORS AND VSDS -

All sizes of AC in­duc­tion mo­tors in­clud­ing re-bar­ing of ro­tors. All sizes of DC mo­tors and gen­er­a­tors. All sizes of AC gen­er­a­tors. Ro­tat­ing and static welders. Elec­tro­mag­nets. All types of trans­form­ers. Spe­cial­ist teams are avail­able for field or on-site re­pairs and over­hauls to plant where size and sit­u­a­tion make dis­man­tling and trans­porta­tion im­pos­si­ble or un­eco­nom­i­cal. Our on-site ser­vices in­clude: Sta­tor rewind­ing and re­pairs. Sta­tor and ro­tor clean­ing. Bear­ing changes. Com­mu­ta­tor and slip ring ma­chin­ing and grind­ing. On­line par­tial dis­charge test­ing.

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