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Health and safety is crit­i­cal where in­dus­trial pro­cesses ex­pose em­ploy­ees to dust, pow­ders, smoke or fumes.

Weld­ing fume is clearly recog­nised as a con­trib­u­tor of res­pi­ra­tory is­sues and longterm lung dis­ease

The good news is that weld­ing fume can be eas­ily cap­tured and re­moved from the work­place to pro­tect the op­er­a­tors breath­ing zone and pre­vent fume spread­ing through­out the work­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

“The most suc­cess­ful method of ex­tract­ing any dust or fume is at the point of source,” com­ments Mr Cameron Prestidge from Eg­mont Air. “It sounds sim­ple, but the chal­lenge is a de­sign that achieves this with­out in­ter­fer­ing or re­strict­ing the process of work in op­er­a­tion.”

It is im­por­tant that the cor­rect air­flows and cap­ture de­signs are spec­i­fied. In this way the toxic or nui­sance pol­lu­tants are re­moved to pro­tect the op­er­a­tors with­out cre­at­ing nui­sance draughts that cause poros­ity and poor weld qual­ity.

Cap­tur­ing toxic par­ti­cles ‘at source’ also of­fers other ben­e­fits in terms of work­shop clean­li­ness, clean-air com­pli­ance and em­ployee well-be­ing, to cre­ate a work­place that pro­vides a more pro­duc­tive en­vi­ron­ment.

Eg­mont Air of­fers many de­vices such as ar­tic­u­lat­ing arms, fume cup­boards, down-draught benches, air clean­ers, cen­tralised vac­uum sys­tems, spe­cialised hoods and other pro­pri­etary equip­ment so that a so­lu­tion can be spec­i­fied for each in­di­vid­ual ap­pli­ca­tion.

A huge range of fil­tra­tion and dust col­lec­tors al­lows the cor­rect type of dust col­lec­tor to be matched for each pol­lu­tant. High-ef­fi­ciency fil­tra­tion pro­vides clean-air dis­charge to ex­ceed en­vi­ron­men­tal reg­u­la­tions, in some cases al­low­ing pu­ri­fied air to be re­turned to the work­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

Au­to­matic clean­ing by a re­verse-pulse of com­pressed air main­tains the fil­ters in op­ti­mum work­ing con­di­tion and re­duces the level of main­te­nance and mon­i­tor­ing re­quired, com­pared to other types of clean­ing.

A range of small and large dust col­lec­tors are avail­able off-the-shelf to suit sin­gle ma­chine ex­trac­tion for in­di­vid­ual saws and grinders etc, or large mul­ti­plesta­tion sys­tems are avail­able that can be con­nected to a cen­tralised duct­ing net­work for plasma cut­ting, weld­ing, batch mix­ing, screen­ing and other sim­i­lar pro­cesses.

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