En­hanced blend so­lu­tion to help re­fin­ers op­ti­mise in-line blend­ing units

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Emer­son Process Man­age­ment has re­leased the SmartPro­cess Blend which in­cor­po­rates a new Blend Or­der Man­age­ment Sys­tem as well as an en­hanced on-line and off-line op­ti­miser for con­trol of con­tin­u­ous in-line blenders. The SmartPro­cess Blend pack­age is a com­plete, in­te­grated suite of ap­pli­ca­tions na­tive to the stan­dard DeltaV dis­trib­uted con­trol sys­tem (DCS) and sim­pli­fied im­ple­men­ta­tion and ease-of-use are key fea­tures.

“Blend­ing is crit­i­cal to re­fin­ery prof­itabil­ity,” says Marcelo Carugo, global re­fin­ing in­dus­try lead for Emer­son. “Plan­ners try to max­imise the most valu­able blends from avail­able com­po­nents. The prob­lem comes when the com­po­nents you’re us­ing are not what you ex­pected them to be, so the planned recipe will pro­duce off-spec prod­ucts and ad­just­ments must be made on­line dur­ing the blend­ing process. Fur­ther­more, equip­ment down­time and hu­man er­ror can lead to off-spec prod­uct that re­quires re-blend­ing and fur­ther de­rails the pro­duc­tion sched­ule and in­creases costs.”

“Sched­ulers pro­vide some mar­gin for un­planned events but blend­ing is of­ten too com­plex to de­ter­mine the op­ti­mal cor­rec­tive ac­tion man­u­ally. What you con­sume in the cur­rent blend af­fects what you have avail­able for the next one, so de­vi­at­ing too far from the planned recipe can have big penal­ties. In ad­di­tion, when cor­rect­ing an off-spec blend, op­er­a­tors tend to play safe and over­com­pen­sate, cre­at­ing qual­ity give­aways and sub­op­ti­mum blends util­is­ing more of the ex­pen­sive blend stocks.”

The new SmartPro­cess Blend Or­der Man­age­ment ap­pli­ca­tion pro­vides a multi-lan­guage, web-based user in­ter­face to link the re­fin­ery’s blend sched­ulers to the blend op­er­a­tors. Plan­ners and op­er­a­tors are able to view a blend or­der, test it with cur­rent data and run the off-line op­ti­miser from the Or­der Man­age­ment tool. Us­ing the DeltaV DCS en­vi­ron­ment, op­er­a­tors can re­view ap­proved or­ders, se­lect one for ex­e­cu­tion and au­to­mat­i­cally run that blend us­ing closed-loop op­ti­miser con­trol.

The new SmartPro­cessBlend Op­ti­mizer ap­plies closed-loop op­ti­mi­sa­tion to the blend con­trol process. Us­ing non-lin­ear blend mod­els com­bined with on­line anal­y­sers, an op­ti­miser con­tin­u­ously cal­cu­lates the op­ti­mum ra­tios that make the batch on-spec at the low­est pos­si­ble cost or as de­fined by user-de­fined penalty func­tions. Penal­ties can be set based on com­po­nent cost, de­vi­a­tion from planned recipes, and/ or de­vi­a­tion from tar­get qual­i­ties.

SmartPro­cessBlend man­ages the life­cy­cle of a blend, from plan­ning and sched­ul­ing, to op­ti­mi­sa­tion, to on­line con­trol of the fi­nal blend prop­er­ties. The sys­tem is de­signed as a set of generic tem­plates that are con­fig­ured to meet the spe­cific re­fin­ery’s blend­ing needs. The sys­tem is ca­pa­ble of han­dling com­plex blend­ing re­quire­ments such as those re­quired for re­for­mu­lated gaso­line – with mul­ti­ple head­ers, up to 25 com­po­nents and up to 25 qual­ity spec­i­fi­ca­tions. It can also be used for sim­ple, recipe-based ra­tio blend­ing like as­phalt with fewer com­po­nents and qual­ity spec­i­fi­ca­tions.

Emer­son says the SmartPro­cess Blend can be com­bined with the com­pany’s ex­pert blend­ing con­sul­tancy to pro­vide a turnkey so­lu­tion that en­sures op­ti­mal use of avail­able com­po­nents and tank ra­tio­nal­i­sa­tion – max­imis­ing profit for both green­field or ex­ist­ing re­fin­ery blend­ing units. Turnkey ca­pa­bil­i­ties in­clude de­sign, con­struc­tion, and in­stal­la­tion of fully in­stru­mented, skid-mounted in-line blenders, anal­yser houses and sam­ple sys­tems.

Emer­son’s broad range of flow me­ters, vi­bra­tion, tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure trans­mit­ters, radar level gauges, and valves com­ple­ment the SmartPro­cess sys­tem to pro­vide an easy stan­dard­ised path to in­te­grated turnkey blend­ing so­lu­tions, prom­ises the com­pany.

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