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Sealtick leak de­tec­tion equip­ment is used in many coun­tries, glob­ally, for food pack­ag­ing ng test­ing. Seal­ing in­tegrity is one of the most im­por­tant nt con­cerns of qual­ity con­trol for pack­ag­­ing. A leak­ing pack­age will re­duce the shelfelf life and qual­ity of fresh pro­duce and re­sult in costly re­turns.

Sealtick has de­vel­oped sev­eral leak de­tec­tion prod­ucts that are de­signed to im­prove your pack­age leak de­tec­tion process there­fore the in­tegrity of pack­ag­ing. There many causes lead to pack­ing fail­ure. First, the par­ti­cles of the prod­uct may be­come ome in­ter­twined with the seal. In other cases, ases, the heat­ing el­e­ment that is sup­posedd to cre­ate a ther­mal seal may be mis­aligned. ned. Or there can be is­sues with in­cor­rect spec­i­fi­ca­tion­se­c­i­fi­ca­tions for the heat, du­ra­tion and pres­sure dur­ing ur­ing the seal­ing process. Th­ese fac­tors can all l have an im­pact on poor seal­ing of the pack­age. ge.

Leak de­tec­tion equip­ment hence is s re­quired to func­tion in a man­ner that can ac­cu­rately urately and rapidly de­tect leaks. If above men­tioned ned prob­lems go with­out de­tec­tion, the prod­uct is likely to end up be­ing re­called or re­turned by the cus­tomer. This could lead to se­ri­ous brand dam­age or and with it dire com­mer­cial con­se­quence. Pur­chase of Sealtick leak de­tec­tors can avoid un­wanted fi­nan­cial losses and is an es­sen­tial com­po­nent for ef­fec­tive qual­ity con­trol process.


Sealtick leak de­tec­tion equip­ment of­fers a num­ber of fea­tures that make our prod­ucts some of the most ac­cu­rate and re­li­able prod­ucts in to­day’s mar­ket. Sealtick leak de­tec­tion sys­tems can find holes that are as small as 10 mi­crons in sealed prod­ucts or non­porous pack­ages. Sealtick leak de­tec­tion equip­ment is also easy to op­er­ate, safe and will gen­er­ate re­sults very quickly. • Soft­ware log­ging test­ing data for fac­tory au­to­ma­tion. • Shelf life and pack­age per­for­mance (leak) test­ing. • In­spec­tion of pack­ag­ing for off­line and on­line ap­pli­ca­tions and QA/QC process con­trol (note: all Sealtick leak testers are for OFF­LINE ap­pli­ca­tion). • Dif­fer­ent leak test­ing meth­ods (Sealtick uses vac­uum de­cay non-de­struc­tive method 6086B and bub­ble emis­sion for 2032). • Elim­i­nate hu­man er­ror in test­ing.

Non-de­struc­tive pack­age leak test­ing

Non-de­struc­tive pack­age test­ing is one of the unique fea­tures for Sealtick Mod­els TSE6081b, TSE6086b and TSE6089L flex­i­ble pack­age in­tegrity testers. Non­de­struc­tive pack­age test­ing can lower the waste of prod­ucts by al­low­ing the prod­ucts that pass the test­ing to be rein­cor­po­rated into the pack­ing line.

With non-de­struc­tive pack­age test­ing, com­pa­nies can min­imise the num­ber of prod­ucts that are dam­aged sim­ply for the pur­poses of test­ing. Non-de­struc­tive test­ing brings qual­ity con­trol costs down and of­fers quick ROI for your busi­nesses.

Re­call re­duc­tion

Sealtick leak de­tec­tion sys­tems help to lower op­er­a­tional costs by re­duc­ing the risk of a wide­spread prod­uct re­call. The leak de­tec­tion sys­tems can help en­sure that leaks in pack­ag­ing are dis­cov­ered ear­lier so that th­ese prod­ucts are never dis­trib­uted to cus­tomers. With our Sealtick leak testers, com­pa­nies can im­me­di­ately re­solve any pack­ag­ing is­sues and dis­cover faults occurred in the pack­ag­ing process.

Sealtick leak test­ing sys­tems are shipped to cus­tomers world­wide.

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