How to find the raw ma­te­ri­als for your ‘mar­ket­ing ma­chine’ – to re­alise your full busi­ness po­ten­tial o in ne’

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Mininginingi theth trea­sure you’re sit­ting on – to draw your ideal tar­get clients

As I said in my first ar­ti­cle find that miss­ing ‘con­nec­tion’ – to re­lease the po­ten­tial of your en­gi­neer­ing or tech­ni­cal com­pany, most web­sites and brochures tend to be ‘self-fo­cused’ and not very client-friendly or en­gag­ing. Though your clients come into your world, they also have their own world with in­ter­ests, mo­ti­va­tions, and as­pi­ra­tions be­yond tech­ni­cal is­sues.

Let’s zoom in on them

Your best clients are prob­a­bly the ones who most value what you do – and are happy to pay for it and re­fer oth­ers to you… the ones who take up min­i­mal time and bring on-go­ing busi­ness… the prof­itable ones… your real tar­get mar­ket.

Let’s fo­cus on them and let go of the ‘tyre-kick­ers’, ‘dif­fi­cult’ types, com­plain­ers, time-con­sumers, or those bet­ter served else­where.

See what they re­ally want

Let’s go to the horse’s mouth and find out their true ‘hot but­tons’ – needs, in­ter­ests, prob­lems, fears, pains, ques­tions, and less ob­vi­ous mo­ti­va­tion fac­tors.

Dis­cus­sion fo­rums or so­cial me­dia may tell us so much, but ul­ti­mately ‘deeper’ in­ter­view­ing can get to the ‘good oil’. This is best done by an ob­jec­tive out­sider so the client can speak freely rather than say­ing what the busi­ness owner wants to hear.

Un­cov­er­ing the raw trea­sure for your mar­ket­ing ma­chine

Hav­ing dis­cov­ered the hot but­tons of your ideal clients, let’s look at what you’ve got to sat­isfy them… • What are the most valu­able and unique ben­e­fits you of­fer their busi­ness or life, your key sell­ing points, and your real forte that sets you apart? It’s not easy to for­mu­late your unique sell­ing propo­si­tion (USP), let alone ex­press it con­cisely, but out­side help can dis­til it. Short punchy taglines like PlaceMaker’s “Know how can do” are ef­fec­tive. • Con­sider any­thing out­side the square that you know or do – that’s ‘provoca­tive’, bold, or goes against the grain of the in­dus­try. This can be an as­set to stand you out of the crowd – if it’s rel­e­vant and ben­e­fi­cial to your tar­get mar­ket. • Are there ar­eas of your know-how that could be pub­lished to draw peo­ple to your busi­ness, like Spark’s “techi­nasec” tech­nol­ogy tips or Mitre 10’s ‘Easy As’ DIY guides. Spe­cial ex­per­tise may even be sell­able as an e-book or coach­ing. • Cre­ate a free of­fer such as a prod­uct trial, con­sul­ta­tion, or ‘how

to’ re­source to en­tice your tar­get au­di­ence to con­tact you. • Happy clients can be in­ter­viewed (best by a third party) to yield tes­ti­mo­ni­als and case stud­ies, strate­gi­cally writ­ten to high­light your sell­ing points while build­ing trust. • It’s easy for busi­nesses to say they’re “lead­ing”, “pro­fes­sional”, “re­li­able”, “su­pe­rior”, or “top qual­ity”, but this doesn’t cut much ice un­less it can be demon­strated. A quan­tifi­able per­for­mance record and ‘cre­den­tials’ go a long way to prove you – awards, rep­utable busi­ness part­ners or clients, qual­i­fi­ca­tions, ex­pe­ri­ence, guar­an­tees, and in­dus­try as­so­ci­a­tion mem­ber­ships. • If you of­fer any com­mu­nity or char­ity sup­port, this helps build

trust in your busi­ness ethos (not just in it for the money). • Are there any other points of con­nec­tion with your tar­get mar­ket be­yond en­gi­neer­ing, e.g. com­mon in­ter­ests like fish­ing or golf? Men­tion­ing th­ese in your ‘about us’ story will ‘strike a chord’ and build rap­port.

Now let’s cap­i­talise on it

Now that we have the raw ma­te­rial ‘trea­sure’, next month’s ar­ti­cle goes into…

How to get your ‘mar­ket­ing ma­chine’ per­form­ing – pre­sent­ing your hid­den trea­sure through your mar­ket­ing chan­nels

(Ad­vance your busi­ness through your brochures, web­site, blog, ads, white pa­pers, pro­pos­als, videos, and so­cial me­dia).

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