The easy-to-con­fig­ure 3D vi­sion sen­sor

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The TriSpec­tor1000 is SICK’s first 3D vi­sion sen­sor, which, thanks to its sim­ple con­fig­u­ra­tion, can carry out in­spec­tion tasks stand­alone and with­out any pro­gram­ming. This means that the con­cept of 2D vi­sion sen­sors, like SICK In­spec­tor, is easy to carry over into the 3D world.

For ex­am­ple, it’s ide­ally suited for use in qual­ity con­trol sys­tems in the con­sumer goods and pack­ag­ing in­dus­try, where TriSpec­tor1000 counts and po­si­tions ob­jects, mea­sur­ing their vol­ume and thick­ness. How­ever, it’s best suited for mea­sur­ing vol­ume in the food in­dus­try and mon­i­tor­ing the in­tegrity of totes in­clud­ing con­tents, com­plete­ness, and empti­ness.


The TriSpec­tor1000 cre­ates 3D im­ages of mov­ing ob­jects di­rectly on the prod­uct line, for ex­am­ple. It uses laser tri­an­gu­la­tion to cap­ture height pro­files, which it uses to gen­er­ate a 3D im­age of the ob­ject. A con­fig­urable ob­ject finder and anal­y­sis tools are ap­plied to the 3D im­age in the TriSpec­tor1000 di­rectly. The higher-level con­trol sys­tem can ac­cess the re­sults of th­ese analy­ses via sim­ple switch­ing out­puts or an Eth­er­net net­work. De­pend­ing on the ob­ject size, the TriSpec­tor1000 with its three dif­fer­ent fields of view can be used for a va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions.

In­ten­sity data im­proves 3D nav­i­ga­tion and al­lows the sys­tem to check for the pres­ence of la­bels, printed pat­terns, or ob­ject ro­ta­tion. Thanks to its in­tu­itive user in­ter­face, the TriSpec­tor1000 al­lows easy com­mis­sion­ing and op­er­a­tion. What’s more, the de­vice has a large field of view and can re­use stored set­tings, mean­ing that it can be re­placed quickly with­out a hitch. The rugged IP67 metal hous­ing with plas­tic win­dows en­sures that the sen­sor has the nec­es­sary pro­tec­tion. As a re­sult, the TriSpec­tor1000 can with­stand even the harsh­est of con­di­tions in the food in­dus­try.


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