CO2 mon­i­tor­ing for cel­lars, bars and restau­rants


From fer­men­ta­tion through to dis­tri­bu­tion, car­bon diox­ide (CO2) is one of the most com­mon haz­ards to health in brew­eries, cel­lars and drinks out­lets. It is also the fourth most abun­dant gas in the at­mos­phere. Long term ex­po­sure to only 0.5 per­cent vol­ume rep­re­sents a toxic health haz­ard. Con­cen­tra­tions greater than 15 per­cent vol­ume can lead to death.

SafeCel­lar has been de­signed specif­i­cally to warn per­son­nel of th­ese haz­ards. SafeCel­lar is the cost ef­fec­tive CO and/or oxy­gen (O2) mon­i­tor for brew­eries, winer­ies, cel­lars, bev­er­age dis­pens­ing ar­eas, fast food out­lets and hos­pi­tal, univer­sity and in­dus­trial lab­o­ra­to­ries. The prod­uct sys­tem in­cludes both a sen­sor/warn­ing panel which is in­stalled within the cel­lar area and ad­di­tion­ally a re­mote dis­play unit fit­ted out­side the area for a warn­ing to staff of dan­gers which may ex­ist. The large LCD dis­play pro­vides clear gas read­ings and the bright LEDs with loud, dis­tinc­tive alarms of­fer dis­tinc­tive warn­ings if a leak de­vel­ops within a cel­lar area. Built-in cal­i­bra­tion func­tion of­fers a sim­ple way to test the units reg­u­larly us­ing on- site cal­i­bra­tion gas. SafeCel­lar of­fers an op­tional oxy­gen sen­sor for de­tect­ing pos­si­ble as­phyx­i­a­tion haz­ards due to ni­tro­gen or ar­gon cylin­der leaks, such as in pack­ing rooms or in­dus­trial pro­cesses which use in­ert gases.

The SafeCel­lar has in­built out­put re­lays, de­signed to be used for con­trol­ling ex­ter­nal com­po­nents, such as turn­ing on ven­ti­la­tion fans or to power ad­di­tional bea­cons/alarms. Dual­band in­frared sen­sor for car­bon diox­ide en­sures Long term main­te­nance-free oper­a­tion and min­i­mal sen­sor cal­i­bra­tion re­quire­ments.

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