Ver­sa­tile AC/DC weld­ing ma­chine packed with fea­tures

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WIA (Weld­ing In­dus­tries of

Aus­tralia), one of Aus­tralia’s lead­ing weld­ing sup­ply com­pa­nies, has re­leased the Wel­darc 200i AC/DC TIG weld­ing ma­chine, suit­able for a wide range of in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions.

The 200 amp TIG weld­ing ma­chine – com­pact and light­weight – of­fers the pro­fes­sional welder a num­ber of weld­ing op­tions, all from a 240V pow­ered unit.

A key fea­ture of the Wel­darc 200i AC/ DC is the ma­chine’s AC ca­pa­bil­ity, which al­lows the welder to suc­cess­fully TIG weld alu­minium, as well as a wide range of steel and stain­less steel thick­nesses when in DC mode, prom­ises WIA. The user sim­ply presses a but­ton to change the po­lar­ity of the ma­chine’s out­put cur­rent from AC to DC, as re­quired.

Be­ing an in­verter type weld­ing ma­chine, the Wel­darc 200i AC/DC also fea­tures ‘so­phis­ti­cated’ elec­tronic con­trol and high fre­quency switch­ing to achieve con­sis­tent and con­trolled weld out­put.

When TIG weld­ing, the in­verter’s mi­cro­pro­ces­sor con­trol makes pos­si­ble the ma­chine’s Lift-Arc start fea­ture, which pro­vides the welder with easy TIG starts with­out the need for scratch start­ing; re­duc­ing elec­trode tip dam­age, and giv­ing a greater num­ber of starts be­tween tip grind­ing.

Another key fea­ture is the ma­chine’s HF Pulse start fea­ture that al­lows very easy non-con­tact arc start­ing in both AC and DC TIG mode, putting it into the pro­fes­sional welder cat­e­gory.

This fea­ture is ideal for ap­pli­ca­tions de­mand­ing no tung­sten con­tam­i­na­tion of the work­piece, says WIA. Welders are able to start and fin­ish the weld­ing op­er­a­tion with­out touch­ing the work­piece, which is a ma­jor ben­e­fit to the pro­fes­sional welder, es­pe­cially those do­ing high pres­sure ves­sel, stain­less steel and alu­minium weld­ing.

And with the in­verter high fre­quency weld power trans­form­ers much smaller than con­ven­tional 50Hz weld trans­form­ers, the ma­chine is sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced in weight and size, with the Wel­darc 200i AC/DC weigh­ing in at just 21kg, mak­ing it suit­able for on­site main­te­nance in a range of in­dus­tries.

The Wel­darc 200i AC/DC also fea­tures Pulse TIG which al­lows the user to ad­just the cur­rent peak and pulse fre­quency. This fea­ture re­duces the heat in­put to the ma­te­rial be­ing welded, but still al­lows the filler ma­te­rial to melt and main­tain good pen­e­tra­tion, mak­ing it ideal for use on thin ma­te­ri­als and near edges.

And for MMA (Man­ual Metal Arc) stick weld­ing, the in­verter ma­chine de­liv­ers a truly con­stant DC cur­rent, al­low­ing small in­cre­men­tal con­trol of the weld­ing cur­rent.

The elec­tronic con­trols also al­low the in­tro­duc­tion of smart fea­tures such as Hot Start for even bet­ter arc start­ing when in stick mode, and Arc Force which con­stantly mon­i­tors the arc volt­age and boosts the out­put if low arc volt­age oc­curs. This fea­ture par­tic­u­larly suits dif­fi­cult to run elec­trodes.

With safety a very im­por­tant is­sue for WIA, the ma­chine fea­tures a built in VRD ( Volt­age Re­duc­tion De­vice), which de­liv­ers added safety when op­er­at­ing in stick or lift-TIG mode and meets the re­quire­ments of site work to AS60974.1 and AS1674.2 CAT C.

WIA’s Wel­darc 200i AC/DC weld­ing ma­chine also of­fers built-in op­er­a­tor safety, with the power source fea­tur­ing a built-in ther­mal pro­tec­tion de­vice that ac­ti­vates if the ma­chine is op­er­ated be­yond its safe ther­mal op­er­at­ing zone.

The Wel­darc 200i AC/DC is also tol­er­ant of un­con­di­tioned power from gen­er­a­tors, and has been op­ti­mised and tested for com­pat­i­bil­ity with ap­pro­pri­ate por­ta­ble gen­er­a­tors.

With a two-year un­lim­ited war­ranty on the power source, cov­er­ing parts and labour, and sup­ported by a New Zealand-wide ser­vice net­work as stan­dard, cus­tomers can be guar­an­teed they’re buy­ing re­li­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance.

As well as an in­dus­try lead­ing 8m high qual­ity TIG torch, the pack­age in­cludes a 15A sup­ply plug, a 3m work lead, a 3m in­dus­trial twist lock elec­trode holder and an in­te­grated gas valve, and ar­gon gas reg­u­la­tor.

Willem Cor­bett, Devel­op­ment En­gi­neer – Equip­ment with WIA, says the Wel­darc 200i AC/DC is a ro­bust, ver­sa­tile and por­ta­ble weld­ing ma­chine, which can be used in many dif­fer­ent types of in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions.

“And like the other Wel­darc ma­chines in the range, it is a ro­bust qual­ity prod­uct that is de­signed, with all its com­po­nents, to last the user many, many years. WIA weld­ing ma­chines are renowned for it,” says Cor­bett. “With the Wel­darc 200i AC/DC peo­ple can be guar­an­teed they’re buy­ing re­li­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance.”

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