In­tu­itive mon­i­tor­ing

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Easy to use, re­li­able speed mon­i­tor­ing and stand­still de­tec­tion.

Slim hous­ing and DIN rail mount­ing, easy set­ting and a wide op­er­at­ing volt­age fea­ture in the new speed de­tec­tion units from ifm elec­tronic as a con­ve­nient and cost- ef­fec­tive method of pro­tect­ing ro­tat­ing equip­ment.

The new D200 series mon­i­tor units will take in­puts from stan­dard sen­sors, usu­ally in­duc­tive or mag­netic sen­sors, and sim­ply switch a re­lay con­tact if the de­tected speeds ei­ther drop be­low or ex­ceed set point val­ues.

One unit ac­cepts an in­put rate up to 1,000Hz or 2,000Hz, al­low­ing op­er­a­tors to de­cide on both the switch point and the dif­fer­ence needed be­fore the out­put re­sets ( hys­tere­sis).

Up to 15 sec­onds of start-up de­lay pre­vent trips be­fore a ma­chine has ramped up to op­er­at­ing speed. And if this is not enough, an ex­ter­nal ‘en­able’ sig­nal can over­ride the de­lay. All the set­tings are by sim­ple po­ten­tiome­ter ad­just­ment.

The D200 series will op­er­ate on stan­dard 110/230vAC or 24vDC, and sup­ply power to the pick­ups. These can be three-wire or two-wire elec­tronic sen­sors.

ifm elec­tronic is com­mit­ted to work­ing closely with its cus­tomers and de­vel­ops prod­ucts which pre­cisely match their needs. The com­pany pro­vides ex­pert, read­ily ac­ces­si­ble tech­ni­cal sup­port to help users max­imise the ben­e­fits they gain from ifm elec­tronic prod­ucts.


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