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There are PLC’s and there are safety PLC’s. Then there is ifm’s SmartPLC. The SmartPLC is an el­e­gant com­bi­na­tion in one hous­ing of both a safety PLC and a stan­dard PLC.

SmartPLC pos­sesses the flex­i­bil­ity for a mul­ti­tude of tasks, even where the safety rat­ing reaches SIL 3 / PL e. SmartPLC is not just a stan­dard PLC with a stan­dard PLC, it is also an AS-I gate­way to ei­ther Profinet or Eth­er­net/IP and it also acts as a dat­log­ger. It’s a vi­su­al­i­sa­tion sys­tem, a pro­to­col con­verter and an in­tel­li­gent eval­u­a­tion unit in con­junc­tion with the new ifm sys­tem so­lu­tion apps. SmartPLC is all you need in one hous­ing. All-in- one.

The two-in­te­grated safety and stan­dard PLC’s op­er­ate in tan­dem, us­ing pow­er­ful pro­ces­sors, large mem­ory and a mul­ti­tude of sup­ported pro­to­cols for the con­trol of so­phis­ti­cated sys­tems – and all this at an un­beat­able price, promised ifm.

The safety PLC is cer­ti­fied up to SIL3, PL e and han­dles eight safe lo­cal in­puts and four safe lo­cal out­puts. It also in­cludes user­friendly di­ag­nos­tic func­tions, such as sta­tus in­di­ca­tion for safe I/Os and er­ror mem­ory with time stamp for up to 2,000 mes­sages. The safety PLC is pro­grammed us­ing CODESYS V3.

The stan­dard PLC can also be freely pro­grammed us­ing CODESYS V3. Its soft­ware and hard­ware op­er­ates in­de­pen­dently of the safety PLC, but it can of course com­mu­ni­cate with it and ex­change data.

SmartPLC as a gate­way: with­out run­ning a pro­gram, the SmartPLC can sim­ply be used as a di­rect gate­way for AS-i on one side, and Profinet or Eth­er­Net/IP on the other. The in­te­grated dis­play and the easy web in­ter­face dis­play all the avail­able sta­tus in­for­ma­tion for the user and sup­port diagnostics in case of a fault.

SmartPLC as a data log­ger: the data log­ger func­tion records op­er­a­tional sys­tem data via AS-i, EtherCAT, Mod­bus TCP, Profinet, Eth­er­Net /IP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP and stored on the SD card or in the in­ter­nal flash mem­ory. If nec­es­sary, the in­te­grated real-time clock pro­vides a time stamp for each recorded data block. This sim­pli­fies the doc­u­men­ta­tion and diagnostics of pro­cesses.

SmartPLC for process vi­su­al­i­sa­tion: SmartPLC fea­tures a freely pro­gram­mable web vi­su­al­i­sa­tion based on HTML5 to pro­vide max­i­mum trans­parency. An in­ter­net browser with HTML5 ca­pa­bil­ity is suf­fi­cient on the fi­nal unit (PC, tablet, smart­phone). No fur­ther soft­ware is re­quired. Even the SmartPLC full graphic dis­play is freely pro­gram­mable for vi­su­al­i­sa­tion tasks.

As easy as us­ing a smart phone: the SmartPLC as a plat­form for ifm sys­tem so­lu­tions. The new ifm sys­tem so­lu­tion apps make it a sim­ple task to han­dle var­i­ous sen­sor types. Mod­ern sen­sors of­fer more and more in­tel­li­gent func­tions that can also be made avail­able to the PLC via in­ter­faces like IO- Link or TCP/IP, but to make full use of them the PLC pro­gram­mer has to in­di­vid­u­ally im­ple­ment the func­tion­al­i­ties in the PLC. This can be very time­con­sum­ing and costly, es­pe­cially when it comes to im­ple­ment­ing the re­quired user in­ter­faces. The tai­lored apps from ifm can be loaded onto the SmartPLC with­out pro­gram­ming soft­ware. The apps are loaded and con­fig­ured via the in­te­grated web in­ter­face, so all nec­es­sary set­tings can be car­ried out eas­ily us­ing a de­vice with an in­ter­net browser. It’s as easy as us­ing a smart­phone and is a sim­ple step on the road to In­dus­try 4.0.

SmartPLC as a pro­to­col con­verter: With sen­sors and Eth­er­net based de­vices con­nected to your field­bus, the SmartPLC can be used as pro­to­col con­verter be­tween Profinet, Eth­er­Net /IP on the one hand and AS-i, EtherCAT, Mod­bus TCP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP and IO-Link on the other.

ifm says it is com­mit­ted to work­ing closely with its cus­tomers to de­velop prod­ucts which pre­cisely match their needs, and the com­pany pro­vides ex­pert, read­ily ac­ces­si­ble tech­ni­cal sup­port to help users max­imise the ben­e­fits they gain from ifm prod­ucts.

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