Winer­ies with­stand 7.8 earth­quake thanks to On­guard Seis­mic Sys­tem

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A num­ber of New Zealand’s world- class winer­ies in Marl­bor­ough can thank their re­cently in­stalled On­guard Seis­mic Sys­tems for pre­vent­ing prod­uct loss and dam­age fol­low­ing the 7.8 earth­quake on Novem­ber 14 and sub­se­quent af­ter­shocks.

The On­guard seis­mic an­chors, de­vel­oped by the Christchurch­based com­pany fol­low­ing the Marl­bor­ough earth­quakes of 2013, have proved their worth where they have been in­stalled in winer­ies in the quake-dam­aged re­gion.

Typ­i­cally, tanks are prone to buckle and rup­ture in earth­quakes, po­ten­tially loos­ing thou­sands of gal­lons of wine. How­ever, as Will Lo­max, Founder and Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor of On­guard, found when he went to Marl­bor­ough im­me­di­ately after the earth­quakes to check on the winer­ies, the On­guard Seis­mic Sys­tem had per­formed ex­cep­tion­ally well, “ex­actly as we’d hoped it would.”

“It was a 7.8 mag­ni­tude earth­quake that caused a lot of dam­age but for us, the good news is that there was no dam­age at all to the tanks with the On­guard sys­tem. It worked ex­actly as we ex­pected it would, and the sac­ri­fi­cial fuses within the an­chors per­formed per­fectly. All the in­spec­tions we’ve con­ducted on eight or nine winer­ies so far show the fuses have yielded as ex­pected and we’re now in the process of in­stalling re­place­ment fuses wher­ever needed.

“There has been no loss of wine, no dam­age to tanks and the struc­tural per­for­mance has been ex­actly as in­tended. We’re thrilled with the re­sult.”

The On­guard Seis­mic Sys­tem, which is placed around the base of wine tanks, pro­vides se­cu­rity and sta­bil­ity in the event of an earth­quake, pre­vent­ing dam­age to the tanks, pro­tect­ing the wine held in the tanks, and safe­guard­ing peo­ple work­ing in and around them. The stain­less steel de­vices are welded around the bot­tom of wine tanks and an­chored into the con­crete base. The sys­tem is the first of its kind to pro­tect both peo­ple and the liq­uid con­tents of a tank dur­ing an earth­quake.

Lo­max said that sev­eral winer­ies are in­stalling new tanks fit­ted with the On­guard an­chors to re­place the non- On­guard tanks that had failed. Oth­ers are hav­ing tanks retro-fit­ted with the On­guard Seis­mic Sys­tem.

Andrew Hor­ton, Gen­eral Man­ager of Crown Sheet­metal who man­u­fac­ture the tanks, said cer­tain pock­ets of the re­gion were hit re­ally hard.

“We’ve pro­duced dif­fer­ent de­signs over the years, but def­i­nitely the new On­guard sys­tem we’ve been us­ing since 2014 has per­formed bril­liantly. We can’t find any dam­age to those tanks. It’s amaz­ing when you con­sider the vol­ume of liq­uid – 230,000 litres of wine in one tank 14 me­tres off the ground.” DE­TAILS, WILL LO­MAX, MAN­AG­ING DI­REC­TOR, ON­GUARD PH: 0800 661155.


On­guard is the first gen­uine seis­mic tank an­chor sys­tem specif­i­cally de­signed to pro­tect liq­uid stor­age tanks and their con­tents from earth­quake dam­age and loss. De­vel­oped in New Zealand by struc­tural en­gi­neers with first-hand ex­pe­ri­ence of the de­struc­tive power of earth­quakes, On­guard’s patented ten­sion and com­pres­sion sys­tem dis­si­pates seis­mic en­ergy in a con­trolled man­ner, keep­ing the tank and its con­tents pro­tected. The in­te­grated sys­tem is built to pro­vide high lev­els of seis­mic risk mit­i­ga­tion with the abil­ity to with­stand mul­ti­ple af­ter­shocks. It can ei­ther be spec­i­fied from the ground up with new tank in­stal­la­tions, or retro-fit­ted to ex­ist­ing tanks to im­prove their earth­quake per­for­mance and in­tro­duce much-needed re­silience. FOR MORE IN­FOR­MA­TION VISIT WWW.ONGUARDGROUP.COM.

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