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A new Pre­mium se­ries of high pres­sure triplex pumps has been re­leased by Aus­tralian Pump In­dus­tries. The heavy duty prod­uct in­cor­po­rates a num­ber of new fea­tures, many of them unique. The range varies from 250 bar ( 3,625 psi) to 500 bar ( 7,300 psi).

The man­u­fac­turer, Ber­tolini Pumps f rom North­ern I taly, de­vel­oped the prod­uct for se­vere ser­vice ap­pli­ca­tions i n pres­sure clean­ing, drain clean­ing, dust sup­pres­sion and i ndus­trial pro­cess­ing.

“Ber­tolini’s con­tin­u­ous pro­gramme of func­tional i nno­va­tion adds longevity, re­li­a­bil­ity and ease of ser­vice with a num­ber of new fea­tures,” said Aussie Pump’s Oper­a­tions Man­ager, Hamish Lorenz.

Called the ‘ R’ Pre­mium se­ries, the pumps fea­ture forged brass heads and over­sized forged steel crankshafts. The heads pro­vide l ong, vir tu­ally un­lim­ited, op­er­at­ing l i fe. The steel crankshafts re­duce f ric tion of the rods on the shaft and en­hance the in­ter­nal com­po­nent cool­ing. Plunger rods are i n stain­less steel Ten­nifer treated, of­fer­ing su­pe­rior sur­face strength, i ncreased re­sis­tance and re­duced wear.

Ber­tolini has even re­designed the valve cap to pre­vent

loos­en­ing. They did this by in­cor­po­rat­ing a bot­tom seal­ing O- ring to pre­vent ex­tru­sion un­der pres­sure. This unique fea­ture to­tally pre­vents water l eaks and ex­tends l i fe.

White ce­ramic plungers of 99.5 per­cent alu­minium ce­ramic are stan­dard. Ce­ramic wears even bet­ter than tung­sten i n this ap­pli­ca­tion. Other pump man­u­fac­tur­ers use ce­ram­ic­coated pis­tons as a cost re­duc­tion, some­thing Ber­tolini won’t do!

I n an orig­i­nal de­sign move, the com­pany en­gi­neers de­cided to in­cor­po­rate the suc­tion man­i­fold in­let in the diecast alu­minium crank­case. That en­try of cool, low pres­sure water through the pump body in­creases the cool­ing ef­fect on all the com­po­nents within the pump. It pro­vides longer life and qui­eter oper­a­tion of back­flow pres­sure seals since they al­ways stay “wet­ted”. The three ce­ramic pis­tons used to dis­place high pres­sure water are bolted and pre­vents loos­en­ing.

Ber­tolini uses bronze con- rods in matched two piece pairs that are de­signed to dis­trib­ute heav­ier loads with min­i­mum fa­tigue and wear. Dou­ble V pack­ings that are self-lu­bri­cat­ing with a liq­uid re­cy­cling area to en­sure seals stay wet in any con­di­tion, ex­tend­ing life and pre­vent­ing over­heat­ing.

“Since we in­tro­duced Ber­tolini to the Aus­tralian mar­ket some 20 years ago we’ve seen the com­pany’s tech­nol­ogy ramp up dra­mat­i­cally,” said Lorenz. “They in­sist on Euro­pean or Amer­i­can com­po­nents and have not been tempted to go to Asia to re­duce costs. They won’t com­pro­mise on qual­ity but keep in­creas­ing their vol­ume as the mar­ket recog­nises the value of the brand,” he said.

Aus­tralian Pump, Aus­tralia’s lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of high pres­sure water blasters, hy­dro testers and drain clean­ers has moved into the Pre­mium range to en­sure Aus­tralian con­sumers get ac­cess to the world’s best prod­ucts.

“In Aus­tralia users call them ‘ Big Ber­tys’ be­cause they tend to be big­ger, weigh more and sim­ply have more ma­te­rial in them than com­peti­tor brands. Big­ger crankcases sup­plied mean more oil ca­pac­ity and that equals cooler run­ning,” said Lorenz.

Prices are highly com­pet­i­tive. Aussie Pumps have in­tro­duced a ser­vice ex­change pro­gramme to change out other brands that have suf­fered pre­ma­ture fail­ures. en­quiry #170223

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