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John F Kennedy said “We choose to go to the Moon! … We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not be­cause they are easy, but be­cause they are hard; be­cause that goal will serve to or­gan­ise and mea­sure the best of our en­er­gies and skills, be­cause that challenge is one that we are will­ing to ac­cept, one we are un­will­ing to post­pone, and one we in­tend to win.”

And now, we choose to go to Mars. A brief from NASA on the ‘ISRU & Civil En­gi­neer­ing Needs for Fu­ture Hu­man Mars mis­sions’ along with the ‘Brief­ing for First Land­ing Site/Ex­plo­ration Zone Work­shop for Hu­man Mis­sions to the Sur­face of Mars’ makes in­ter­est­ing read­ing.

The first two items in the work­shop – short­ened to ICE WG – is to iden­tify ca­pa­bil­i­ties and re­sources that will be key to es­tab­lish­ing a sus­tain­able hu­man pres­ence on Mars and to char­ac­terise ac­tiv­i­ties that must be car­ried on the sur­face of Mars in or­der to ad­vance these ca­pa­bil­i­ties to a level where they can be re­lied upon with­out rou­tine sup­port from Earth. So, if you’re hav­ing one of those ho-hum days at the of­fice, just think – there is prob­a­bly ev­ery chance that some of you are (whether you know it or not) cur­rently on track to take up the challenge of en­gi­neer­ing on the Red Planet.

While you’re wait­ing, watch Elon Musk’s Case For Mars.


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