Customised process plants and high pre­ci­sion mea­sure­ment tech­nol­ogy

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Cen­tec sen­sors are ap­pliedd in lab­o­ra­tory and process en­vi­ron­ments as “stand alone” de­vices or part of a process con­trol sys­tem. They en­sure that prod­ucts are pro­duced to con­sis­tently high stan­dards and that pro­cesses run ex­tremely ef­fi­cient with the least con­sump­tion of raw ma­te­ri­als. The prod­uct range cov­ers sen­sors that mea­sure the O2 con­tent in liq­uids and gases (OXYTRANS) but also de­vices for the mea­sure­ment of dis­solved CO22 in liq­uids (CARBOTEC) such as in car­bon­ated soft drinks and beer. OtherOther types of sen­sors mea­sure the soundd ve­loc­ity in a liq­uid (SONATEC) or the­hhe den­sity of the liq­uid (RHOTEC). Thi­sis data al­lows the con­cen­tra­tion of a me­dia such as sugar, al­co­hol, dis­solved salt, acid or caus­tic to be cal­cu­lated and dis­played. Ap­pli­ca­ble for three com­po­nent liq­uids, COMBITEC com­bines in one unit SONATEC sound ve­loc­ity mea­sure­ment and RHOTEC fluid den­sity sens­ing.

The range of Cen­tec process units com­prises f ully au­to­mated skid mounted sys­tems de­signed to cus­tomer re­quire­ments for the fol­low­ing ap­pli­ca­tions: • Wa­ter pu­rifi­ca­tion (soft­en­ing & dem­iner­al­iza­tion, re­verse

osmosis, disinfection, WFI dis­til­la­tion) • Wa­ter and prod­uct deaer­a­tion to re­duce e.g. dis­solved

oxy­gen and car­bon diox­ide l evels • Gas i njec­tion i nto liq­uids, e.g. car­bon­a­tion and

ni­tro­gena­tion of beer, cider, soft drinks and wa­ter • Liq­uid dos­ing and blend­ing – f rom the di­lu­tion of syrups to

the mix­ing of cos­met­ics and chem­i­cals • Clean­ing- i n- place; prod­uct ster­ile fil­tra­tion; f lash pas­teuri­sa­tion and al­co­hol removal f rom beer or wine No mat­ter how com­plex re­quire­ments may be, based on decades of process know- how, Cen­tec will pro­vide the right so­lu­tion, prom­ises the com­pany. Its ca­pa­bil­i­ties in­clude plan­ning, de­liv­ery, as­sem­bly and com­mis­sion­ing of turn- key plants. Pro­duc­tion fa­cil­i­ties in Ger­many and the Czech Repub­lic are cer­ti­fied ac­cord­ing to ISO 9001. “The qual­ity of our prod­ucts is out­stand­ing, so is their price- per­for­mance ra­tio.”

Eurotec Ltd i s the NZ Dis­trib­u­tors for CEN­TEC, with Sales & Sup­port of­fices i n Auck­land, Welling­ton & Christchurch of­fer­ing Na­tion­wide cov­er­age.

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