New 240v high head sub­mersible

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duty, sin­gle phase, high head sub­mersible pump has been re­leased by Aus­tralian Pump. Man­u­fac­tured by Tsu­rumi and based on the KTV range of de­wa­ter­ing pumps, the 80mm pump is de­scribed as a break­through in sin­gle phase pump de­sign.

The model NK3-22 of­fers heads of up to 24 me­tres com­bined with flows of up to 525 litres per minute and re­ally pushes the bound­aries for per­for­mance of a sin­gle-phase sub­mersible ac­cord­ing to Neil Ben­nett, Aussie Pumps Prod­uct Man­ager. “It makes an ideal emer­gency de­wa­ter­ing pump as it’s quick to set up, will run on nor­mal 240-volt cir­cuit and pushes out a huge amount of wa­ter,” he said.

Aimed at the plumb­ing, hire and construction mar­kets, the por­ta­ble pump has been de­signed to han­dle abra­sive liq­uids. It has a duc­tile cast iron im­peller and vul­can­ised wear plate.

The model fea­tures a 2.2 kW dry type sub­mersible in­duc­tion mo­tor en­cased in alu­minium pump hous­ing. The dry weight of the pump is only 29 ki­los.

The heart of the sys­tem is a semi vor­tex im­peller that al­lows the pas­sage of small solids up to 6mm. The unique im­peller de­sign ac­cel­er­ates the wa­ter pass­ing through the pump cas­ing, cre­at­ing a vor­tex that as­sists the smooth tran­sit of solids in sus­pen­sion.

The pump has a dou­ble me­chan­i­cal seal of sil­i­con car­bide lo­cated in an oil cham­ber. The oil cham­ber con­tains a patented “oil lifter” that pro­vides forced lu­bri­ca­tion to the me­chan­i­cal seal. This ‘unique’ Tsu­rumi de­sign pro­vides real ad­van­tages to the user in ex­tend­ing seal life, says Aus­tralian Pump.

Wa­ter in­cur­sion through the cable en­try is the main source of fail­ure in sub­mersible pumps but all Tsu­rumi pumps are fit­ted with an anti-wick­ing cable en­try block. It pro­tects the mo­tor from mois­ture wick­ing in­side the cable in the event of the cable be­ing dam­aged or the end sub­merged.

The NK3-22 has a 3” top dis­charge port and a “slim­line” body de­sign that is pro­vides a dou­ble ben­e­fit to users, said Ben­nett. “The first is that there is no side dis­charge el­bow to be dam­aged in the tough treat­ment that pumps like this get on construction sites. The other is that the pump’s mo­tor is au­to­mat­i­cally cooled by the wa­ter run­ning through the hous­ing. That adds up to longer life, more con­sis­tent per­for­mance and over­all long term cost sav­ings”.

Like all Tsu­rumi pumps of­fered by Aus­tralian Pump In­dus­tries the NK3-22 sin­gle phase pump comes with a three-year war­ranty.

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