Spring clean­ing your con­veyor


While it’s a bit of a chore, when it comes to con­vey­ors, main­te­nance and clean­ing can pay off in vastly re­duced in­ter­rup­tions dur­ing your busiest time of the year, says Dyno Con­vey­ors.

Here’s the com­pany’s guide to what you should be do­ing. And re­mem­ber, says Dyno, you can al­ways call on us, for main­te­nance on any con­vey­ors. (Ours or some­one else’s.)

TIP 1 Think about hav­ing crit­i­cal parts in stock in case of break­downs. Check them now. Or call us.

TIP 2 En­sure your main­te­nance team are trained, have clear goals, and even clearer plans in place.

TIP 3 Like we said in Tip 2: Plan. Have au­dits and main­te­nance sched­ule up-to- date. You can check out our Dyno­care book­let at dyno.co.nz for a full out­line on daily, weekly, monthly, quar­terly, and an­nual care of your con­vey­ors.

TIP 4 Safety is al­ways the best pol­icy. If it’s not in use, turn it off. (Saves money too.) If main­te­nance needs to be done while a ma­chine is on – make sure your team know what they’re do­ing.

TIP 5 At least once a week check sys­tem con­trols and wiring and note any faults/needs for re­pair and cor­rect.

TIP 6 Check over the mo­tors and gear­boxes. At­tend to any lu­bri­cant leaks. Check with your sup­plier which lu­bri­cant should be used for any top- ups. TIP 7 Clean­ing. ( Yeah, we know.) Once a week, af­ter main­te­nance checks. Do it.

TIP 8 Check rollers, pul­leys and bear­ings. Tighten grub screws ( if they’re loose), lis­ten for any odd noises, and checks for parts that need re­plac­ing.

TIP 9 Check the belt it­self for dam­age. It’s vi­tal for the ef­fi­cient use of the con­veyor. Al­most there…

TIP 10 The mount­ing bolts. Check them. Now. They’re vi­tal to safety and smooth op­er­a­tion.

Some ef­fort now will pay off later, prom­ises Dyno. In fact, the com­pany guar­an­tees it.

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