IEPE acous­tic pres­sure sen­sor

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The Dy­tran model 2006M1 is an ATEX cer­ti­fied, IEPE high in­ten­sity acous­tic pres­sure sen­sor. With a sen­si­tiv­ity of 1,000 mV/psi the 2006MI is de­signed to mea­sure dy­namic pres­sure phe­nom­ena of up to 5 psi at fre­quen­cies over 21 kHz.

De­sign of the model 2006M1 in­cor­po­rates a quartz sens­ing el­e­ment op­er­at­ing in com­pres­sion mode, pack­aged in a rugged stain­less steel hous­ing, with a ro­bust two– pin 5/8 ax­ial con­nec­tor.

The sen­sor is ac­cel­er­a­tion com­pen­sated to min­imise the ef­fects of vi­bra­tion on the out­put sig­nal and is her­met­i­cally sealed for re­li­able op­er­a­tion in high hu­mid­ity and dirty en­vi­ron­ments. Units are in­ter­nally ground iso­lated.


• Stain­less steel.

• Her­metic.

• In­ter­nally ground iso­lated.

• High sen­si­tiv­ity.

• ATEX cer­ti­fied.



• In­dus­trial acous­tic stud­ies.

• In­dus­trial pres­sure pul­sa­tions.

• Pipe­line leak de­tec­tion.

• Gen­eral pur­pose in­dus­trial pres­sure mon­i­tor­ing.

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