Don’t over­look the im­por­tance of ca­bles

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Ca­ble that car­ries the en­ergy to power your machines i s per­haps the most i mpor­tant - and over­looked - com­po­nent of your op­er­a­tion. Igus have an i mpres­sive range of ca­ble car­rier (e- chain) sys­tems, and they also have an ex­pan­sive range of f l ex­i­ble ca­bles (Chain­flex) and har­ness­ing op­tions. Cou­pled with this i s their world- l ead­ing test fa­cilit y where the ca­bles are tested for mil­lions of cy­cles so that a pre­dictable ser­vice life can be cal­cu­lated. Pre­dictable ser­vice life al­lows you to es­tab­lish main­te­nance sched­ules and min­imise un­ex­pected break­downs, re­duc­ing pro­duc­tion down­time.

There are 1,304 ca­ble types for data, BUS and hy­brid sys­tems, con­trol and drive, all avail­able per the me­tre with no min­i­mum! Igus Chain­flex range is truly im­pres­sive - to help nar­row down the vast op­tions, Igus has de­vel­oped their on­line cal­cu­la­tor that lets you choose what you need and will even pre­dict the ca­ble’s life­span in your ap­pli­ca­tion.

In con­junc­tion with the Chain­flex ca­bles, Igus also of­fer har­nessed ca­ble and “Ready­chain” so­lu­tions.

Igus is the world’s No.1 when it comes to har­nessed ca­bles used in en­ergy chain in ac­cor­dance with the 24 man­u­fac­turer stan­dards. The “Ready­ca­ble” range is fully tested and guar­an­teed. Har­ness op­tions in­clude stan­dards from man­u­fac­tur­ers such at Siemens, SEW, Beck­hoff, even video/vi­sion so­lu­tions and har­nessed Eth­er­net ca­bles up to CAT7.

Then there is the “plug-in

- play” so­lu­tion, “Ready­chain”, that in­cludes the har­nessed ca­ble pre­in­stalled in­side en­ergy chain and con­fig­ured to suit your ap­pli­ca­tion so that in­stal­la­tion is quick and ef­fi­cient.

Au­to­ma­tion Equip­ment is the proud NZ dis­trib­u­tor of Igus en­ergy chain, ca­ble, and bear­ing so­lu­tions.

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