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Search­ing in­ter­net the for other some­thing day, I stum­bled on the across the ques­tion “Does the world need more en­gi­neers?” There were some in­ter­est­ing an­swers, but this one, pur­port­edly from some­one at NASA and agreed with by just over 7000 view­ers, was odd…

“Yes. As ar­ro­gant as they may be and as so­cially in­ept as they may be, en­gi­neers are valu­able not just be­cause of any spe­cific en­gi­neer­ing knowl­edge or skills they learned in school, but be­cause an en­gi­neer­ing ed­u­ca­tion taught them how to be prob­lem solvers.

“No mat­ter what com­pany I owned, I would want to hire a few en­gi­neers be­cause I know they can solve prob­lems, even if those prob­lems have noth­ing to do with civil, elec­tri­cal, me­chan­i­cal, or aero­space en­gi­neer­ing.”

Talk about be­ing damned with faint praise!

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