New igus ma­te­rial with en­hanced UV re­sis­tance


TO­DAY, PLAIN bear­ings are not only used as sim­ple press-fit bear­ings but also in­creas­ingly in special forms, and in some in­stances such as in the so­lar in­dus­try, they are ex­posed to UV ra­di­a­tion for long periods of time. For such special ap­pli­ca­tions, Treotham has the long-last­ing high- per­for­mance plas­tic iglidur J from igus in its product range. The ad­vanced de­vel­op­ment of this product is iglidur J UV. The new ma­te­rial dis­tin­guishes it­self with very good UV re­sis­tance and ben­e­fits from the low co­ef­fi­cients of fric­tion and wear as well as the mois­ture re­sis­tance.

So­lar sys­tems as well as other out­door ap­pli­ca­tions have to func­tion for years of­ten un­der ex­treme en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions. This calls for ma­chine com­po­nents that of­fer a long ser­vice life and pro­longed hold­ing times. Fur­ther­more, plain bear­ings that ful­fil their ser­vice, for ex­am­ple, in so­lar tower power plants, par­a­bolic trough power plants or for the mount­ing of the ro­tary axis for the panel ad­just­ments, should have the low­est pos­si­ble costs. For such ap­pli­ca­tion sce­nar­ios, igus now has an op­ti­mised, ad­vanced de­vel­op­ment of its wear­resis­tant and durable stan­dard ma­te­rial iglidur J, which is the high- per­for­mance plas­tic iglidur J UV. The new UV-sta­bilised ma­te­rial is es­pe­cially suit­able for con­tin­u­ous di­rect sun­light. Like all igus plain bear­ings, the iglidur J UV plain bear­ings too, by virtue of their in­cor­po­rated solid lu­bri­cants, are lu­bri­ca­tion-free and thus main­te­nance-free as well as in­sen­si­tive to dust and dirt. In ad­di­tion, the long-term me­chan­i­cal prop­er­ties of iglidur

J UV have been fur­ther en­hanced. This pro­vides the cus­tomer with the ideal ma­te­rial for ex­tremely smooth-running, lu­bri­ca­tion-free and long-last­ing so­lar sys­tems.

Due to its cor­ro­sion-free prop­er­ties and good re­sis­tance to me­dia, mois­ture and other en­vi­ron­men­tal in­flu­ences are no ob­sta­cle to the use of iglidur J UV, states Treotherm. The tri­bo­log­i­cal prop­er­ties such as fric­tion and wear of the UV ma­te­rial are com­pa­ra­ble to those of the stan­dard ma­te­rial iglidur J. Its low co­ef­fi­cients of fric­tion in dry op­er­a­tion and the ex­tremely low stick-slip ten­dency are very im­por­tant for very low speeds, as are com­mon in track­ing sys­tems in the so­lar in­dus­try. High speeds of over one me­tre per sec­ond are also pos­si­ble. In both cases, the static fric­tion is very low, whereby the stick- slip ten­dency is avoided. Ini­tially, the ma­te­rial will be avail­able with and with­out flange up to a shaft di­am­e­ter of 20 mil­lime­tres. Bear­ings made of iglidur J UV are avail­able from Treotham upon re­quest in all pre­vi­ous stan­dard di­men­sions of iglidur J as well as in in­di­vid­u­ally de­signed special ge­ome­tries.

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