Should fork­lift re­fresher train­ing and as­sess­ment be done in-house?


FOUR HOURS of dis­rup­tion to your busi­ness is what hap­pens when you send your fork­lift op­er­a­tors to an ex­ter­nal lo­ca­tion for an op­er­a­tor’s cer­tifi­cate. You also have no vis­i­bil­ity over what is taught, how rel­e­vant it is to your work­place and whether the op­er­a­tor un­der­stood the train­ing or learned any­thing new. This cre­ates un­cer­tainty and it does not align with what Work Safe wants a com­pany to achieve from any type of train­ing.

There’s no le­gal re­quire­ment for fork­lift op­er­a­tor cer­tifi­cate train­ing or re­fresh­ers to be done like that and there are bet­ter ways that still com­ply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The­ory train­ing can be de­liv­ered via a web­site or app us­ing video and mul­ti­me­dia. The prac­ti­cal as­sess­ment could be con­ducted by an ex­ter­nal Com­pe­tenz-ac­cred­ited asses­sor, but it could equally be an in­ter­nal per­son the PCBU deems as com­pe­tent. Bear in mind, a su­per­vi­sor or man­ager in your com­pany should be mon­i­tor­ing your fork­lift driv­ers all the time for the same things that would be checked in an as­sess­ment!

This method of on­line train­ing plus in­ter­nal prac­ti­cal as­sess­ment has huge ad­van­tages in­clud­ing flex­i­bil­ity in sched­ul­ing, trans­parency about driver ex­pec­ta­tions, cost sav­ings and the abil­ity for the op­er­a­tor to learn and be as­sessed on the equip­ment they would usu­ally use, lif ting the loads they would usu­ally lif t.

Cour­ses are bro­ken into shorter mod­ules which can be com­pleted over sev­eral days or weeks, when­ever is con­ve­nient. As learn­ing is self- paced, op­er­a­tors that are ex­pe­ri­enced will be more en­gaged as they can com­plete the train­ing quicker whereas op­er­a­tors that need more time won’t in­con­ve­nience oth­ers or feel em­bar­rassed through not be­ing able to keep up. On­line train­ing pro­vides bet­ter sup­port for peo­ple with learn­ing dif­fi­cul­ties and lit­er­acy and lan­guage is­sues.

Do you learn and re­tain more sit­ting in a stuffy room for four hours or by en­gag­ing in shorter blocks of learn­ing where you can im­me­di­ately ap­ply what’s been learned to your work­place? The sec­ond op­tion de­scribes the ben­e­fit of on­line, video- based, in­ter­ac­tive learn­ing: if you have fork­lift op­er­a­tors due to re­new their cer­tifi­cates, this op­tion is well worth con­sid­er­ing.

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