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PAN-FRIED I love this method of cook­ing broc­coli. First, gently cook a chopped onion in olive oil un­til ten­der and golden. Add finely chopped or shaved broc­coli and cook for about 7-10 min­utes un­til it’s shiny and bright in colour. Sea­son and serve. You can also add a lit­tle crushed gar­lic, grated ginger or chopped rose­mary and grated lemon zest to the onion for an ex­tra hit of flavour.


STEAMED Fewer nu­tri­ents are lost when veg­eta­bles are cooked above, rather than in, boil­ing wa­ter, and more of the flavour and struc­ture of the veg­etable is kept in­tact. How­ever, if you’re steam­ing broc­coli, do so briefly in or­der to keep its bright colour. And what­ever you do, don’t cover the broc­coli af­ter cook­ing. It’s the worst sin of all! Even the most stoic broc­coli eater will reel at the dread­ful smell, which can linger all through din­ner.


BOILED Cook broc­coli in boil­ing wa­ter for 2-3 min­utes only, with the lid off, so that veg­etable acids can be driven off in steam, rather than col­lect on the lid where they fall back onto the broc­coli and cause dis­col­oration.

If you’re opt­ing for broc­col­ini over broc­coli, all it needs is 2-3 min­utes in boil­ing salted wa­ter. Then drain, toss with your cho­sen sea­son­ings and serve. Yep, you can con­vert non-broc­coli eaters to broc­col­ini lovers with care.

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