Vot­ers can­vassed on who they will cast a bal­lot for


For a gen­eral elec­tion that was tipped to be bor­ing, the 2017 cam­paign has turned out to be any­thing but.

From record­ing scan­dals, fraud ad­mis­sions and top-tier res­ig­na­tions to Jacinda Ardern’s rise to the top of her party, New Zealand has been treated to mem­o­rable po­lit­i­cal mo­ments.

And it seems most po­lit­i­cal par­ties are clam­our­ing to of­fer Auck­lan­ders the city of their dreams: Pledges to im­prove trans­port, re­solve the hous­ing cri­sis, and curb mi­gra­tion, are con­stantly mak­ing head­lines.

Stuff spoke to Auck­lan­ders about which party’s prom­ises they’re most drawn to and who they think would de­liver the an­swers to their city’s woes.

Noa Sul­li­van, 20

Sul­li­van be­lieves Labour has the best poli­cies for Auck­land. She says Na­tional’s an­nounce­ment of road­ing projects is a poor move to re­gain at­ten­tion and doesn’t move to­wards solv­ing any trans­port prob­lems. ‘‘All of my friends have joined the Labour band­wagon be­cause fi­nally there is a party that is di­rectly ad­dress­ing the ur­gent is­sues in New Zealand and speak­ing to our gen­er­a­tion di­rectly... I know that I am not alone when I say that Jacinda has in­spired my gen­er­a­tion and reignited a pas­sion for pol­i­tics and pol­icy that has been asleep for a very long time.’’

Paula Den­nett, 61

Den­nett’s feet are firmly in the Na­tional camp and she be­lieves it would de­liver for Auck­land. ‘‘We don’t know the Labour Party pend­ing poli­cies other than they look to be in­creas­ing the tax take,’’ she says, adding that she would be vot­ing Na­tional be­cause she likes the ‘‘known steady hand on the wheel’’.

Gre­gory Stow­ell, 45

Stow­ell says he favours Na­tional for sev­eral rea­sons, in­clud­ing the fact that he didn’t agree with Labour’s im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy. ‘‘I see Na­tional try­ing to keep its poli­cies the same as they cur­rently are and they’re try­ing to find new ways to progress to cover fund­ing for their pro­pos­als, whereas I see Labour tak­ing Na­tional’s poli­cies and try­ing to change them and still hav­ing to find ways to pay for them.’’

Honey Rasalan, 40

Rasalan doesn’t be­lieve any one party could tackle the trans­port and hous­ing is­sues cur­rently in Auck­land and says it would take the city as a whole work­ing to­gether to ad­dress it. She says the res­ig­na­tion of the lead­er­ship of the Labour and Green par­ties was a piv­otal mo­ment. ‘‘It made peo­ple think and be­come more en­gaged about the elec­tion.’’

‘‘Jacinda has in­spired and reignited a pas­sion for pol­i­tics.’’


Jacinda Ardern’s rapid rise to the top of the Labour Party has been just one way in which the gen­eral elec­tion cam­paign has stirred to life. The full ver­sion of this story is at www.stuff.co.nz/auck­land.

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