Pre­pared for stay­ing safe?


As a se­nior mem­ber of Auck­land Po­lice Search and Res­cue, and one of your lo­cal com­mu­nity con­sta­bles, we’re called to hun­dreds of miss­ing and over­due tram­pers/ walk­ers a year.

The ma­jor­ity of the time, bet­ter plan­ning could have made all the dif­fer­ence or as­sisted in a far quicker res­o­lu­tion in find­ing those miss­ing peo­ple.

Sum­mer is com­ing, with many fam­i­lies and friends plan­ning out­door ad­ven­tures. If tramp­ing/ walk­ing, think ahead about how to make your trip safe and pre­vent it from end­ing in mis­ery.

Ev­ery trip needs a plan, even a short day walk. It doesn’t take much to turn a short tramp into an un­ex­pected night out in the bush. This is what hap­pened to a group of five on a day walk in the Hunua Ranges about a month ago. The group’s in­ten­tion was to com­plete a day walk loop track from Wa­ha­rau Re­gional Park.

They had no equip­ment for any length of stay in the bush: no map, no out­door ex­pe­ri­ence, and no plan for the un­ex­pected. You guessed it, the prover­bial hap­pened: The group got lost and went off track.

With good col­lab­o­ra­tive work by Auck­land Po­lice Search and Res­cue, the po­lice Ea­gle he­li­copter, lo­cal po­lice, Auck­land Land Search and Res­cue vol­un­teers, and the coun­cil’s Hunua Park Rangers, the group was lo­cated in the early hours of the fol­low­ing day, right in the mid­dle of the ranges near Kokuko­hunui Trig and nowhere near any track.

They were cold, wet, a lit­tle em­bar­rassed and able to walk out, but weren’t ex­pect­ing that un­ex­pected night out in the bush. To help you plan and to do your best to avoid the above sit­u­a­tion,­ven­tures­ pro­vides tips, links and ad­vice to plan and pre­pare any ac­tiv­ity safely, for any level and abil­ity.

Ad­ven­tureS­mart has bro­ken down the trip-plan­ning process into five key steps that make up the Out­door Safety Code. The steps can help you be pre­pared for what you might en­counter in the out­doors. If you’ve planned be­fore you hit the track us­ing the Out­door Safety Code as a guide, there’s a good chance you’ll be pre­pared to han­dle an un­ex­pected turn of events.

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