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Green Party food spokesper­son Sue Ked­g­ley re­cently tabled a 6500 sig­na­ture pe­ti­tion in Par­lia­ment which called on the gov­ern­ment to take ur­gent steps to en­sure our hon­ey­bees do not suf­fer from mass die-offs, as is oc­cur­ring over­seas. In Europe, asia and the United States bees are dis­ap­pear­ing in a phe­nom­e­non known as Colony Col­lapse Dis­or­der. It is thought to re­sult from toxic pes­ti­cides, par­a­sitic mites, dis­eases and poor nu­tri­tion. “We are call­ing on the gov­ern­ment to sus­pend the use of a group of pes­ti­cides known as neo-nicoti­noids that are highly toxic to bees and are im­pli­cated in bee deaths around the world,” said Ked­g­ley. “These pes­ti­cides are widely used in New Zealand as sprays and to coat seeds such as squash, rye grass and corn.

Of the 100 crops that glob­ally pro­vide more than 90 per­cent of hu­man­ity’s food, over 70 are pol­li­nated by bees.

The Green Party is also call­ing on the Gov­ern­ment to aban­don its plans to al­low Aus­tralian honey to be im­ported into New Zealand, as they say it could bring in dis­eases dis­as­trous for our bees.

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