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Your chooks would have grown their new plumage by now. If you are find­ing that they are jump­ing over to the neigh­bours to raid their gar­den it is best to clip their wings. Spread out the wing and cut the long flight feathers on one wing with sharp scis­sors. It doesn’t hurt them, if done cor­rectly. The Sus­sex This heir­loom English breed is big, heavy, quiet and stun­ning to look at. Hens lay around 220 light brown eggs a year. They will go broody and make great moth­ers. One of our Sus­sex hens proudly hatched and raised eight Pek­ing duck­lings and was never the wiser, even when her ba­bies would rush to any pud­dle of wa­ter and jump in! They are a very hardy breed and can adapt to any en­vi­ron­ment well. Their heavy frame makes them very handy at turn­ing over the soil in the gar­den. To keep the pH cor­rect in your worm farm ap­ply a cup of gar­den lime each month.

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