Green deserts

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Fi­nally, by in­creas­ing the in­ten­sity and scale of our grass-based and crop farm­ing, and clear­ing huge swathes of our land­scape of gorse, bar­berry, shel­ter­belts, wil­low, or in­deed any­thing other than grass or crops, we are not leav­ing the bees much to work with. And where crops like rape do pro­duce pollen use­ful to bees, it is only one type, and for a very short amount of time.

The Fed­er­ated Farm­ers Bee In­dus­try Group points out: “Farm­ers will ap­pre­ci­ate that posts and wire of­fer lit­tle to bees and the prac­tice of de­nud­ing the coun­try­side of trees, gorse and broom has threat­ened the health of bees.”

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