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I am sure you prob­a­bly know this but, just in case, chick­ens don’t have teeth! To grind their food they carry small stones and sand in their crop or throat. This is com­monly known as grit. It is im­por­tant to have some grit avail­able for your girls at all times. If they free range daily they will pick up small stones etc but still pro­vide this im­por­tant sup­ple­ment as hens need a high level of cal­cium in their diet as they are pro­duc­ing a cal­cium-en­cased egg each day. You can buy oys­ter grit from pet stores or feed stores or you can make your own. I save any empty mus­sel shells or kina shells and dry them in the sun. Once dried you can smash them with a ham­mer (a great job for boys) into small chicken sized bites. If you want some eye candy in your back­yard get some Sil­ver-Laced Wyan­dottes. These hens are strik­ing with their con­trast­ing sil­ver white and black feath­ers. They have a lovely, quiet na­ture, love to for­age for in­sects and are good lay­ers, lay­ing a large medium brown egg most days.

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