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Over 1.5 bil­lion peo­ple on earth have no ac­cess to electricity, and there­fore rely on kerosene lanterns for a source of light. And for some – those that live on less than $2 a day – the cost of kerosene can make up 20% of their in­come. That’s one fifth of a fam­ily’s liveli­hood spent on a toxic sub­stance which pol­lutes the air in­side their home, pro­vides barely enough light to see, let alone study by, and can be dan­ger­ous – in In­dia alone 2.5m peo­ple are se­verely burned each year through ac­ci­dents. Which is where the Wakawaka so­lar light comes in. Leave it in the sun for eight hours and its pow­er­ful LED lights will give 8 hours of bright light, or 16 hours of light suf­fi­cient to read by. It can hang off a ceil­ing, will fit to the top of plas­tic bot­tle for side light­ing and is safe. Plug in a phone bat­tery and it will charge it. Best of all it is af­ford­able. The com­pany build­ing the lights are ask­ing for share­hold­ers, where for as lit­tle as US$30 will get you a slice of the ac­tion. Wakawaka­

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