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This hot weather pro­vides a great breed­ing ground for lice. Pull back the feathers on the un­de­side of your chook. If you can see small, light brown ‘grains of rice’ mov­ing, your girls have lice. Al­low­ing them daily dust baths helps but you can dust them with a bird lice pow­der from the pet shop. I make an or­ganic dust­ing bath for them by adding sand, wood ash, flow­ers of sul­phur and di­atoma­ceous earth to­gether in a low sided con­tainer. They will dust them­selves in this and kill the lice. These large framed chooks are great lay­ers and do well in a back­yard sit­u­a­tion. They have glossy rust coloured feathers and lay large brown eggs. If well fed they can lay up to six eggs a week. Some strains, es­pe­cially the roost­ers, can be ag­gres­sive and will nor­mally be­come the dom­i­nant one in a flock. If your gar­den is small you can get this breed in the pint-sized ban­tam va­ri­ety too! Your worms will be more ac­tive due to the hot weather. You can feed them more dur­ing the sum­mer. En­sure their bed­ding does not be­come too dry in the hot weather.

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