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The aim is toxin re­moval and best met with a fast. Only fast with the su­per­vi­sion of your natur­opath.

• Re­ten­tion or cleans­ing en­e­mas (com­monly with warm water, cof­fee, lemon juice, herb tea and aci­dophilus sp./ bi­fidus sp. bac­te­ria), flush both liver and colon. Rec­om­mend­ing an en­ema is rarely met with en­thu­si­asm, but re­duced bloat­ing, in­creased en­ergy and the clear-head that re­sult are strong mo­ti­va­tors for an easy, fast treat­ment.

• A raw food diet is also a mas­sive boost for the body with a huge in­crease in nu­tri­en­trich food; fruit, nuts, veg­eta­bles, sprouts and healthy oils. Be­cause pro­cessed foods are elim­i­nated, our toxin in­take drops dra­mat­i­cally – eas­ing the di­ges­tive cleans­ing work­load.

Di­etary drinks

• Sup­port di­ges­tion with vegetable juices such as car­rot, gin­ger, beet­root and cel­ery (ap­ple juice to sweeten). A tip: a piece of fruit or glass of juice be­fore meals aids di­ges­tion.

• Fruit smooth­ies with berries, es­pe­cially blue­berry and rasp­berry.

• Fi­bre sup­ple­ment herb psyl­lium or flaxseed fi­bre mixed with aloe, ap­ple juice and water for a colon cleans­ing drink.

• Slip­pery Elm pow­der soothes in­flam­ma­tion, re­liev­ing in­di­ges­tion. It thick­ens rapidly so mix and drink im­me­di­ately.

• Pep­per­mint and li­corice teas.

Help­ful herbs

• Bur­dock, cal­en­dula, echi­nacea, fen­nel, fenu­greek, olive leaf ex­tract, red rasp­berry and cleavers.

• Li­corice too is good but use in short bursts (less than seven days) and avoid if you have high blood pres­sure.

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