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Hair prod­ucts can be full of chem­i­cals un­nec­es­sary for do­ing the job.

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Many com­mon hair care brands, in­clud­ing some of those used in sa­lons, use harsh in­gre­di­ents that strip your hair when sham­poo­ing, which makes the hair shaft vul­ner­a­ble to dam­age, then coat it when con­di­tion­ing which gives a false im­pres­sion of healthy hair.

Nasty chem­i­cals like Sodium Lau­ryl and Lau­reth Sul­phate (SLS and SLES), Co­coami­do­propyl Be­taine (CAPB), parabens, sil­i­cones and toxic petro­chem­i­cals are used.

Some of these, like SLS, SLES and CAPB are ac­tu­ally plant-based, which means they’re even used by some ‘green’ brands. But SLS & SLES can be nasty on your skin. They are known skin ir­ri­tants (in fact SLS is held up as the in­dus­try bench­mark for skin ir­ri­tancy). What’s worse is that they also break down your skin’s pro­tec­tive bar­rier so let other chem­i­cals get in and do more dam­age.

CAP B is an­other nasty skin ir­ri­tant that was ac­tu­ally voted Al­ler­gen of the Year in 2004 by the Amer­i­can Con­tact Der­mati­tis So­ci­ety.

Show­er­ing is a time when your skin and scalp is most sus­cep­ti­ble to chem­i­cal ex­po­sure, given the heat from warm water opens your pores up more.

When wash­ing your hair, the lather from your sham­poo is not only be­ing mas­saged into your scalp, it’s also on your hands, face and en­tire body.

Here are some of El­e­ment’s favourite hair care prod­ucts.

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