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We need your help to en­sure New Zealand sea lions don’t dis­ap­pear in our life­time. Since 1998, the num­ber of sea lion pups has halved. With­out ur­gent pro­tec­tion, the species could be functionally ex­tinct by 2035. But in­stead of do­ing more to pro­tect sea lions, the Gov­ern­ment re­cently pro­posed re­mov­ing the limit on the num­ber per­mit­ted to be killed in fish­ing nets. Sea lions ur­gently need more pro­tec­tion to sur­vive - not less. They don’t have a voice, but you do. Find out how you can speak out for sea lions at wwf.org.nz Do­nate to WWF’S sea lions cam­paign by call­ing our team on 0800 HELP WWF

To­gether, we can stop their ex­tinc­tion

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