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Re­searchers at Har­vard have de­vised and built a tiny ro­botic in­sect known as a Mi­cro Air Ve­hi­cle (MAV). The only trou­ble is it doesn’t fly – yet. The tiny ro­bot is small enough to fit on a 50 cent piece, and is built us­ing the prin­ci­ples of origami – it be­gins life as a flat struc­ture and then is ‘folded’ into a 3D ob­ject. When the prob­lems of flight are solved, the Har­vard boffins be­lieve the MAVS can be mass pro­duced. Pos­si­ble uses might be, de­press­ingly, pol­li­na­tion, or search­ing for lost hik­ers. Swarms of fly­ing MAVS may also be made use of for go­ing into dan­ger­ous ar­eas, such as chem­i­cal spills or earth­quake zones, to search for sur­vivors by sens­ing the car­bon diox­ide of their breath.

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