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There are some sim­ple steps you can take to pro­tect New Zealand’s na­tive­whio: h Whio may seem tame and un­afraid but in or­der to keep them safe,

peo­ple should give them space and watch them from a dis­tance h Keep the wa­ter­ways and the river clean h Ob­serve guide­lines for keep­ing the wa­ter­ways free from didymo. To find out more about didymo visit h Leave your dogs at home when vis­it­ing wa­ter­ways where Whio pop­u­la­tions live or keep them on a leash h Sup­port ri­par­ian plant­ing and wa­ter­way pro­tec­tion in your area h You can also help the Whio by re­port­ing all sight­ings to the Depart­ment of Con­ser­va­tion.

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