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Nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring acids, called hy­droxyl acids, re­ferred to as AHAS, can help re­duce the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles by re­mov­ing old lay­ers of skin. AHAS oc­cur in the peels

of fruit such as lemon, lime and pineap­ple and there are recipes on-line for ‘at-home’ treat­ments (a word of cau­tion: nat­u­ral does not mean be­nign. Al­ways do a

patch test, es­pe­cially if you have sen­si­tive skin). Vi­ta­mins also play a key role in the health and ap­pear­ance of your skin. The best way to beneŽt from vi­ta­mins is to eat foods

con­tain­ing them, so your whole body beneŽts. Some can also be ap­plied di­rectly and sup­ple­ments con­tain­ing them can be ef­fec­tive. Vi­ta­min A is im­por­tant for healthy skin and found in high con­cen­tra­tions in an­i­mal liver. Luck­ily, it is also found in egg yolk, dairy prod­ucts and rose­hip seed oil. Known as retinol, creams con­tain­ing

vi­ta­min A help re­duce the ap­pear­ance of sun pig­men­ta­tion.

With high con­cen­tra­tions in cit­rus fruit, toma­toes and green veg­eta­bles, vi­ta­min C heals wounds and is a pow­er­ful anti-ox­i­dant. Known as ab­sorbic acid, it is un­sta­ble, so there are limited prod­ucts avail­able with enough in them to take ef­fect. Nat­u­ral cos­met­ics com­pany Avalon Or­gan­ics have a Laven­der Lu­mi­nos­ity Re­newal

Fa­cial serum which is a good ex­am­ple. Vi­ta­min E is an ex­cel­lent mois­turiser to keep the skin plumped up and youth­ful, The Bodyshop’s

ver­sion is a clas­sic. But life­style choices can pre­vent you hav­ing wrin­kles in the Žrst place. Or if wrin­kles are al­ready a re­al­ity, you can age grace­fully, wear­ing your badges of ma­tu­rity and wis­dom with pride – there is af­ter all a ‘world’s sex­i­est

older woman’ list now…

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