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If you keep your chooks in a per­ma­nent run now is a good time to have a bit of a clean up be­fore win­ter. Rake any leaves or other or­ganic de­bris and put on com­post. Sprin­kle gar­den lime at a rate of one hand­ful per me­tre around the ground of the run. This will freshen the soil and pre­vent smells. It will not harm your chooks.


This breed is known as the Easter egg chicken. It lays blue or green tinted eggs. This breed orig­i­nated from Chile. It is a small chook which makes it per­fect for for­ag­ing around a small town gar­den. They could never join Mensa as they have a ten­dency to be a bit air-headed and be scatty. They lay 150-200 blue or green tinted eggs each year which are per­fectly ed­i­ble. If you want some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent this may be the chook for you.

Worm farm

While you are spread­ing some gar­den lime around your chicken coop give a hand­ful to your worm farm. The lime will bal­ance the ph and keep your worms smil­ing!


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